Ottawa is back

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Woo-hoo! Can't wait.

(Go Ticats!)

Great news!!!

Now, there should be teams in Memphis and Shreveport... oh wait a sec..

Just kidding!!

Does this mean Winnipeg will be moved to the West Division?

Great news for sure! :thup:

I hope not. I'd prefer the 5-team east, as ottawa probably won't be too competitive for a few years. I'm not a fan of montreal, toronto and hamilton all making the playoffs by default.

I want to see a dog-fight to make the playoffs, instead of teams just trying to avoid the basement and cross-over.

Winnipeg can move back to the west division when quebec-city or halifax joins the league ( in the distant future ).

No official confirm from #cfl but when Ottawa returns to league you can expect #Bombers to return, again, to the West.

heck, the winnipeg jets play in the east, so why shouldn't the bombers?

Great news!

I willow be able to travel 2 hours to see the Ticats rather than 8.

See you there. :smiley:

But it seems that Bomber fans want them to stay in the East, so there could be some pressure for them to stay.
The owners probably want them to go back West because it's probably cheaper to travel places like Sask 3 times. But that's probably offset by flying to Vancouver for more games.

The Jets are supposed to be in the west. I'm all for the bombers moving, I'm sick of them :cowboy:

Great we will be in our new stadium after no home games for a year then an expansion draft will rape our team :thdn:

Cortez and Creehan have already done a pretty fair job at raping our team.

Three unprotected players, one import and two non-imports. Plus any free agents that Ottawa (or any other team, for that matter) outbids us for. And if managed correctly, the two NIs taken won't be at the same position. Shouldn't exactly decimate the team, from what I can see.

Great news.
Now we need Moncton to make it the 10th team.

Outstanding! Hope they go back to being the Rough Riders and not Renegades.

Tradition is for Winnipeg to move to the West and they should do so. You can't keep Winnipeg in the East just cuz everyone knows the West will always be better, but perhaps they could try to weasel their way into doing so. Still I think in the end the Bombers organization will go with tradition. It probably only has positive affects on attendances and finances too.

As for the name, apparently Saskatchewan approved the Ottawa ownership group only after being given veto on their name. So it won't be the Rough Riders.

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Looks like these new owners are fond of tradition though so that's a positive. I predict whatever the name, it'll start with an R and they'll be a big R on the helmet.

The hoRn chens?

Me too!

8) Hey JFL, I wonder how many people on this site even remember Horn Chen ??
  Apparently he is still asking for several hundred thousand dollars to give up his ownership in the name "Roughriders".

   Doesn't make much difference now anyway since Regina has blocked that name from being used for the new Ottawa 
    team !!