Ottawa is a Mess - & Needs To Be Fixed

First off I am a Huge Ottawa fan & it pains me to see the state of this team AGAIN (re 1996)
The commish needs to step in & FIX ownership as they are killing this team (no money, no direction, no brains)
Any team that would bring Paopao back after that dismall coaching is brutal - however I assume that no one of quality would take the job w/ this organization messed as it is.

Paopao was supposed to be somekind of great offensive mind & last year’s play calling was brutal. I have never seen more plays that have your receiver not moving catching the ball then Ottawa’s offense (no slants, posts, over the middle plays - only hooks, stops & flys).

People crap on Woodcock last year - but they never moved him around to get the ball in his hands - he has talent but is being wasted. You could tell by the end of last year that Joesph had grown frustrated & irtated by the play calling.

For some reason Ranek getting the ball first half of year then hardly used - & don’t even get me started on the Vilimek - WASTED - every preseason he was awesome & never used in regular season - Paopao is either too stupid or has one huge set to even approach Vilimek about returning - Good Luck Mike in Montreal!

I Love Greg Marshall coming home (be patient this will be your team soon) & I love the signings of Ray Jacobs, Bo Lewis, Legaut, Pilon & Quincy Coleman give some hope

& lastly for my rant - get rid of Sciortino (too many misses), Tyler “Daddy’s Little Boy” Paopao, Demitris Scouras (did he ever make a kick? at least kick it to the goal line?), Keaton Cromartie @ middle linebacker, Byron Capers (how many times are they going to sign this guy?)

Use Sean Bennett everywhere (slot & HB, FB), throw to Woodcock, let Joesph call his plays more often, Find a Middle Linebacker! don’t forget about Yo & Ranek @ the season’s mid point.

Go Gades Go!!!

I agree that Paopao needs to improve his playcalling this year, but that wasn’t the only reason the Gades tanked in 2004. Remember the injuries? I couldn’t believe how many guys they had on the injured roster on any given week. That secondary was a revolving door. Also, Etcheverry sucked as defensive coordinator. I don’t understand how he continues to find work as his vaunted complex D schemes never work. Good riddance. Marshall will do 100 more with the personnel.

I totally agree with Woodcock being underused. When he wasn’t injured, he wasn’t even getting looks during the game. One game late in the year against Calgary, Brad Banks threw to him on just about every play of a drive across the field to tie the game with zeros on the clock. Woodcock was sensational on that drive and reminded me of his form with my Als. They just have to use him. With Woodcock, Armstead and Murphy, you guys have good receiving weapons. Now Joseph just has to put the ball in their hands.

If Joseph wants to stay healthy this year, he’s got to act like a QB when he runs, instead of a running back. Ever notice that he never does the baseball slide and instead keeps running until he’s gang-tackled and brought down? That’s the cause of half his injuries right there. He’s a big, athletic, talented guy, but he has to realize that struggling to gain an extra yard isn’t worth it if you take yourself out of the lineup for six weeks as a result.

As for Paopao, if he doesn’t get the Gades into the playoffs this year, he’s out. Plain and simple. And Marshall will take over.

Yes - I will agree that they suffered thru many injuries but… good coaches find ways to compensate.

I don’t think Ottawa is as bad as everyone makes them out to be - ONFIELD I think it solely rests on coaching. Use your talent to its fullest capicity - don’t let players rot on the bench (Vilimek, probablly soon to be Azzi), use your stars like Yo & Woodcock. Stop running the same hitch & shovel pass every 2nd play. They desperately need a talented Offensive Coordinator.

I also hope the decide to get it right & bring in a true kicker Americian or Canadian - whoever can at leat hit a 30 yrd field goal at lest - GOD I miss Tynes!

I believe you guys are correct but it is not the end of the world. First off you do have a football team with two very good QB’s. Now as long as managment is not too stupid they will surround these two very good QB’s with competent players. Your defense was not bad but some changes in the off sesaon has happened so hopefully they can fill those holes. The big problem is Joe. He is inept and will continue to screw up. Meaning he could be gone soon after the season starts depending on if some the holes were fixed. The other thing that is positive is your competition Hamilton playing the old timer at QB is a plus side for Ottawa.
My prediction from watching last year and the changes made so far is that Ottawa will be thrid based on QB a lone. Calgary had not a bad team but no QB, bad coaching and bad managment. Yet, they still were not bad. The thing for Ottawa fans to do is make this team look good to investors. That said fill the stadium even though the problems in managment is there. If a good invstment group see’s that even with a third place team they still have a good fan base then ownership will trade hands and hopefully for the better. Again I blame the CFL for making sure a good managment group was not in place.

Just though I would give you flash light at the end of the tunnel.

I don’t think Ottawa is such a mess, but they have to get their act together quickly. They can learn a lot from Hamilton. The main point there is that a game should be fun for the fans even if the team doesn’t win. There’s a lot of things they can do better for the game experience and for the marketting. They’ve already taken a good step by dropping the ticketmaster bullcrap. I’ll be much happier ordering tickets over the phone instead of having to race to the head office downtown or knowing I can go to a mall close to me after work to get my tickets.

Some of my suggestions:

  • a good family section with family affordable prices, like the top half of section C
  • better variety of beer. there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get a draft of a good beer instead of crap beer in a can.
  • better, faster concessions, better variety of food. It’s a problem if you have long lineups for expensive crappy food and won’t let me take my own into the park.
  • open the park early so fans can hang out, watch the warm up, have a beer, etc.
  • don’t EVER let anyone in the organization use guilt marketting to try to sell tickets. from ‘keep football alive in 55’ to last year’s ‘pack the park’, it’s completely wrong to try to get people to come out by making them feel bad if they don’t. it has to be fun for the fan.
  • better washrooms
  • dump Paopao if they don’t make the playoffs this year.

Great points!

I agree that Ottawa has many talented players in positions (QB’s, WR’s, DL, RB, DB) - the sad thing is that Management drop the ball on key ones that matter (Oline, LB, kicker)
I can’t tell you how many times Ottawa drove into field goal range & to have one of those boneheads miss it - & we are not talking a 45-50yd likle a 25-35yd - those should be automatic.

Also a huge issue was both the Offensive & Defensive play calling. Paopao too many times calls “gimick” plays like the hitch & shovel pass - they are supposed to be run 1-2 times a game as a “surprise” not 7-8 times. Also as I said before the receivers never seem to be running a pattern where they are moving when they catch the ball or going anywhere near the middle. Makes the Offense easy to defend as they are totally predictable. He also doesn’t use talent - example - Sean Bennett (6’01"239 lbs) sat on the practice roster almost all year - forced to put him in due to injuries and the guy catches some passes & looks good. Here is a guy that was a RB in the NFL. never let run the ball & here is a team w/ no fullback the guy is a big man. Same can be said w/ Azzi, Vilimek, Woodcock, Banks (only played banks when forced to - even though he was obivously better Darnell Kennedy)

I do think the fans in Ottawa support this team huge! Personnally It is really hard having lived thru the 80’s-90’s Riders & to see the stat of Ownership again. You can tell that the current Group just don’t get it. Right now in Ottawa there is ZERO advertising for this team. I remeber going to a game last year that they opened the gates 30 min before kickoff - Why? You have got to make people WANT to come to the games - make it an experience. They don’t seem to truely want to make the Renegades Ottawa’s team. If I had my say I would do way more…
1.Weekly radio show on the 'gades w/ players & coaches - I am sure the Team 1200 would be more then happy filling some air space w/ no hockey.
2. Bleachers in Canal endzone are always empty - Give these away to Minor Football teams & schools - drive interest in young fans
3. Weekly/ Monthly ENews letter from team on progress & news to season ticket holders & fans
4. Do whatever you need to get more stories in the papers - maybe biweekly colum written by coach, player?
5. Better all round service @ the park - food, washrooms, halftime, pre/post game entertainment
6. Tailgating - the fans would love it
7. Update the website - bios & news - make people want to go there. Maybe have bios have what they do in offseason - interviews of old players
8. Embrace the past - they seem to distance themselves from the Riders - DON’T

Luckly -

I completely agree with everything that monty0924 has posted. I’m only 16 so I don’t remember the Roughriders, but I love football, and I wish Ottawa could have some success. I have a good feeling about this season so I guess we just have to wait and see. The thing that’s upset me the most is the fact that Ottawa has wasted key players(Vilimek, Woodcock). They could have won so many more games last year if only the coaches had called better plays, and put in Banks instead of Darnell Kenndy. As for the seating, the family fun zone is the best seats in the house(North Side, Gate A), you actually get a good view, and for $18 you can’t go wrong.

I agree that the onfield product is really good, except for the kicking…too bad we lost Tynes. But the off field management has been below par. You would think there would be a season ticket campaign with booths in the major shopping centres and special events. And yes, the stadium stuff needs improvement. The food sucks and having only one type of beer available is a major drag…especially if you want to sip on some wine or down some hard stuff. If only I had millions to spare…