Ottawa in Toilet Bowl

Watching the game tonight reminded me of the last reign of error by the Gliebs. The look of resignation on Joe Paopao's face spoke volumes. It reminded me of Ron Smeltzer....another great guy beaten down by the obvious lack of leadership and support displayed by the owners. Paopao obviously knows that he is not going to be retained next season.
But worse than that was the obvious lack of confidence and emotion shown by the players. They seem like they just don't care.
Also obvious is the lack of big-leaque receivers.....maybe little wee Lonnie should spend more money on player personnel than on ridiculous marketing schemes. The product IS entertainment, but FOOTBALL is the focus. You have to get the players and coaches who are going to win for the fans, then you can add the bells and whistles. A good case in point is the BC Lions who have finally turned the corner and are back to attracting big crowds. THis kind of success comes from an owner who hires experienced football people to run his club and then stays out of it and doesn't meddle.. Now, I know there are not too many Bobby Ackles's and Wally Buono's around, but is damn sure obvious that Forrest Gregg and Little Lonnie simply can't carry Booby and Wally's jockstraps! I'm afraid that the Renegades may well go the way of the Rough Riders.....particularly when smurf Lonie gets bored with daddy's toy again. Deja Vu all over again!

Yes seems like the pickings of top notch CFL brass, are getting fewer by the years

This is all Joe Paopao's team. Lonie had nothing to do with putting this team together nor anything to do with the lousy special teams' cioaching nor the lousy offensive schemes or the poor play calling. Joe Paopao moulded this team way before Lonie, er.... his daddy bought the Team. Joe gotta go.

with all of the QBS. lined up to come in the door.....don't you think it should prod Joseph on to do greater things...if he can't.... maybe the quarterback has got to go.....he just aint good why don't the Gleibs send Hudson and Hiebert to the Bombers in exchange for a solid CFL. prospect , Spergon Wynn and as an added incentive....Tee Martin.... :roll: I like the deal....

Kerry Joseph is not a bad QB. But he has a big weakness: he is slow to adapt to what's going on defensively. If the defence don't act as he expected, he is screwed. He teakes the sack, throws out of bounds or throw a two yarder that will end the drive anyways. QBs like Allen, Dickenson or Calvillo can quickly "get a new idea" while the play develop if things don't go as planned.

With the speed and agility Joseph has, if he could analyse plays like the three I mentionned, he would most probably be the league's top QB. But that is a big if, and unfortunalety, such quick judgement isn't something you can learn. You have to have it already.

The Gades offence use the same script each week:
1st quarter: QB options; QB runs; direct snaps to Ranek with option to Joseph; razzle dazzle plays; the odd successful toss for TD.
2nd Quarter: hand the ball off to Ranek: a few tosses.
3rd quarter: shotgun and pass; forget about the running plays.
4th quarter: few huddles: low percentage passing; everything that was successful is now out the window.

We're done like dinner.

Kerry Joseph is like a mini Mike Vick, he will lead the team to glory one day.

You cant compare Kerry Joseph with Mike Vick. Vick is a amazing qb that defences still dont know how to contain, he will change that position for years to come and open the door for all the other athletic qbs. im not a very big nfl fan, but Mike Vick is one helluva player!

I noticed that too last night. The Renegades played well in the first half, after that, they self-destructed. 3rd wasn’t too bad, but in the 4th, there was nothing at all. I don’t understand what’s going on with that team. It appears that none of them have the ability to push hard when they’re behind the 8 ball…they all just seem to give up.

Another thing I noticed is the pathetic tackling by the Gades. Sure, they gang tackle, but how can a guy like Reynolds carry 5 guys on his back for 15 freakin' yards? And the special teams coverage is pathetic.

Don't know how you can say vick is an amazing qb, he's not a qb, he has no accuracy. in all reality, he should be a RB.

The thing with the gades, i don't know why everyone blames the gliebermans. they job is to get butts in the seat, and they get knocked for coming up with new ideas. Don't forget people, they took over during training camp. Give them a full off season before passing judgement on them.

Paopao should have been gone last year. He's a terrible head coach, a terrible play caller and i can't bear to look at him any longer on the side lines. Players talk about how he's a players coach and how they love to play for him, it sure as he!! looks like they love to play for him with the 5 straight losses and total lack of emotion out on the field.

There is nothing wrong with Kerry Joseph. The guy is an amazing athlete, it's just tough to be consistent when you don't know which O-Line is going to show up. He spends half the game scrambling because the o line can't stop a beach ball from getting by them. When Kent Austin was in town, KJ was lighting it up, and showed flashes of brilliance, which he still shows now. But since Austin left, it kind of slowed down his progression. If he can get a half decent QB coach, watch out CFL.

The Gades defence has gone to $hit. They aren't able to stop anything anymore. Getting no pressure on the QB and giving up the big play on a regular basis. Heck, they had a 3rd string QB in last night and they didn't even blitz him and put pressure on him. The defence which started the season off well, has fizzled.

All in all, i personally don't see the Gades winning another game this season at this rate. And watch for a major shake up this off season.