Ottawa in the CFL- AGAIN????????

I am surprised that Ottawa is again being considered for membership in the CFL. The Roughriders were a great team which lost fan support and the Renegades never had sufficient fan support despite the development of a quality quarterback and supporting cast. If admitted I believe the franchise should be required to put, up front, a huge fee in order that the CFL will not have to bail them out. During the Renegates tenure fan support was was poor.

Ive said basically what you have said all season long-- but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Another failed attempt in Ottawa will make the league look very bad-- what the CFL should do is say you need to have x amount of season tickets sold first, then we will talk about giving you another franchise.

i was watching brian williams' ottawa story on tsn broadband, and it seems the CFL is leaning on granting a 'conditional franchise' to this group.

id imagine some of the criteria would be;

-government approval for lansdown re-development.
-'x' amount of dollars franchise fee
-proof of 'x' of dollars amongst ownership group to support team in sour times
-'x' number of season tickets sold
-team be called 'renegades', not rough riders ( as is prefered by some owners )

I love reading how great the Renegades were. When the league was considering mothballing them, I kept hearing that the Renegades would be lucky to win one game in 2006. Now that they're gone, every now and again someone comes out and talks about how they were such a solid team. Never mind that they didn't make the playoffs once in four years and average about 5.5 wins a season.

Harldy. I've pointed out to you many times that you were wrong. :wink:


Those are my guesses anyway. They won't ask for x-number of seasons tickets because they know it's bad business and I can't imagine they'll force a name on them. That's wishful thinking on your part.

forcing a name? they are just selling a team that is suspended and still exists.

check the forums, there is still a renegade forum.

Right. And if the new owners are willing to spend 20M on a team, the league will change the name of that forum awful fast.

While Palmer was negotiating, it was said several times that he'd arranged to obtain the Rough Riders name. If Palmer wasn't made to commit to it, neither would these guys be.

No more Rough Riders or Roughriders period. More then one is too many.
Unlike the previous groups(clowns)who owned the team, this one from all accounts is well funded, local and respected.
Chance for success is 100%.

Agreed, argotom.

The mayor went way out on a limb in the Brian Williams interview. There's no way he'd go out that far unless he's absolutely certain it'll turn out. I'm sure he's got the rails all greased and ready for the group once they get the conditional franchise... which they will.

why do u think the palmer deal fell through?

Because he was given a deadline to come to an agreement with the city on a deal with the stadium. He couldn't reach it, because he was asking for control of most (if not all, I don't recall that detail) of Lansdowne Park and these things don't happen overnight. The CFL refused to extend the deadline. If Palmer did not meet that deadline, a deposit that he had made would have become non-refundable and he wasn't willing to risk millions on a chance that he might get a team.

You don't seriously think it had anything to do with the name, do you?? Come on, DG...

A number of points surprised me in that clip but two come to mind right now.

a) O'Brien talking about how he has council behind him. We've heard two members speak against it. O'Brien's comment makes me think that those two are the only two and they'll be outvoted.

b) O'Brien saying they're going to talk about it NEXT WEEK. Considering it usually takes them that long to discuss what they're ordering for lunch, I found that stunning. To me, that really sold all the talk about going "fast-track" in terms of getting the conditional franchise.

I'm still not counting my chickens because I've been down this road a couple of times too often, but it's at least nice to get little peices of news every now and again.

How am I wrong? If the CFL is going to have ANY chance in Ottawa, it will be up to the fans to support the team. If they don't we will talking about another failed attempt to put a team there.

The CFL NEEDS another team in the East....period. It's just not right having the 'Peg in the Eastern division. I realize it's a necessary evil for now but Manitoba belongs in the West. I would guess that most Winnepeg fans would agree.
Ottawa just happens to have the history and the best chance at being that next Eastern team. Let's all hope the next ownership group is what they claim.

I was kind of teasing there, Sambo, hence the wink. You've gotten enough replies from me and others to know that you HAVE been heard, even if some of those people disagreed with you. Your comments haven't fallen on deaf ears.

This is a pretty big realestate deal 600 million they said. It will generate 15 million in property taxes a year seems a little high but, the team is just a tiny part. They will get it done, the potential owners are sports fans as well. With deals of that amount I dont think if they lose a million or 2 for a few years it wont kill them. Rich peoples hobbies cost a little more.

I'll never forget the talks about Ottawa returning as the "Rough Riders"!

first of all if ottawa gets a team back. don't call them the rough riders. second of all i don' t think ottawa deserves a team they proved in the past that they can't support a team.third the only reason they are the front runners for a new team is because it's the only place with a big enough stadium. and if they do get a team it will be an expansion team which means the renegades have folded if you noticed the renegades have no website although i hope they keep the name and the logo i think they are both great and for all you people who want the rough riders back and the r on the helmet give it up it won't appeal to the age group the cfl is targeting but i will say this they should put it on the shoulder of the jersey to keep tradition.