Ottawa Highlanders

Highlanders has been proposed as the new name for the Ottawa franchise. I kind of like it, maintains the military connotation with no reference to the other silly name. Sakatchewan can't copy this one as the only hill they have is a pile of garbage in Saskatoon. No Highlander's in the prairies.

It is however the CBC and I will wait for a credible source before making final judgement.

no need to knock Saskatchewan.

I bet you didn't know that back in the 40's when WWII was on they had a Army base in Saskatchewan where soldiers went to train and prepare before being shipped out?

Its just a guy with a concept who unfortunately does not understand how best to propose an idea.

I think I understand where Hunt is going...

think we've really got to find a name that connects with a younger audience as well, that's relevant to them. That's not to say a name that ties into Ottawa's history wouldn't … but I think there's many objectives," said Hunt.

Saskatchewan has plenty of hills. I live in the hills/forest. Just move north of Saskatoon.

Highlander -> One who live in the high lands -> Hills are high land -> the top of the hill is the highest ->Hilltop

So sorry, Ottawa can't use that name either. Saskatoon had it first.

Wow. That brings back memories!

I hope they do not go with that name.... Highlanders seems weak to me.

Gee, bet you never heard of CFB Moose Jaw.

Why not knock Saskatchewan, we put up with the constant bragging and self promotion. Give a little take a little.

(For the record I love Saskatchewan, lived in Regina. Played a lot of rugby there in the day. Saskatoon used to put on one of the best rugby festivals in the country, probably still do. Great fans, great people, we are told that every day)

No, no, no....pahleeeez..... not "highlanders"! It reminds me of a troupe of Scottish dancers. I've nothing against Scotland so don't get me wrong but I just cannot connect "highlander" with CFL football. It also sounds like a name you would give to a high school team. I can think of several names that would be far more palatable.

Yeah, I agree. Highlanders is dreadful.

I think it's a great name, it actually sings to me, unlike the many ham-fisted attempts to preserve the 'R'....

The logo is even better. Simple, understated, powerful...

better than Argonot I meant nauts.. :lol: :wink:

It reminds me of Duncan Macleod of the Clan Macleod and the rest of the sword fighting imortals :slight_smile:

Jerkstore's Sens jersey was good, like this design too especially the logo. However I still think Rough Riders would be best

I don't have a better name, but Highlanders suck!

Agreed! and if you go over to the Renegades site, most people over there think it sucks too.
I know that they are trying to promote Ottawa's military heritage but I think if you want to do that then "The Regiment"
would be a great name. If it was the "Regiment" then they have the "R" and you pay tribute to the various Regiments such as the Highlanders, the RCR which began in Ottawa and others.

I vote for Ottawa Junos, for both the canadian music awards and the canadians that took Juno beach

Or they could be the Ottawa Fighting Highlanders

sorry mikem, Regiment to me not a football name either.

Let go of the “R”, Ottawa. New franchise, new identity.

Ottawa Highlanders 2014

They really should go with the Ottawa Hot Air, that way if Saskatchewan does steal the name again, it would still fit. Better yet, Ottawa Banjo Picking Inbreds. :lol: :cowboy: