Ottawa @ Hamilton

I picked Hamilton, but I wouldn't mind seeing Ottawa get its third win. I just hope it isn't a blowout. I think we had enough of those last weekend. :expressionless:

I'd be happy to see Ottawa with another win... but NOT tonight! Maybe they can knock off the Als!

I don't think Hamilton is wearing enough pink...

I know I said I didn't want another blowout, but I'm sure we can do better than 4-0. :lol:

Chief, I hope you don't have scowl attitude :stuck_out_tongue:
Cats lead 4-0 over Ottawa

I saw at least two weak tackles on that Grant catch. If Ottawa D keeps tackling like that, they'll spend 40 minutes on the field, at least.

Just poking fun. When I first turned on the game, it looked like the Hamilton players were wearing a ton of pink, but I think it's just because the colour stands out against the black uniform.

That kick wasn’t even close. :?

This game is being carried live across the U.S. on ESPN2. Hope we get a good game tonight! :thup:

I was giving you a razzin also; 7-1 game Ti-Cats lead...mmm second half for offence?

Ottawa needs to get a real FG kicker and keep Maher for punting.

On second thought Hamilton is barely hanging on man!!!

Is it me or does Chris Cuthbert look sick....he's aged solo much

What a terrible challenge.

YUP - The party is over...congrats Hamilton on their victory tonight.

Toronto control their own destiny as well. :cowboy: but for now Hamilton wins 16-6 over Ottawa

Why didnt Ottawa dump Burris at the trade deadline like Smith. Hes done.

Well that was embarrassing.

you expecting someone else would have picked him up.

If not, then Ottawa would have had to pay the rest of his salary anyhow.

Tim Horton's Field, where the Ti-Cats win ugly and other teams come to lose.