Ottawa @ Hamilton

I picked Ottawa to win this but I can't stand their name.

There were at least two guys who could've knocked Banks out of bounds. I'll give the the first guy a break since he was blocked by Hamilton. But the second player was by himself and still failed to push Banks out of bounds. Wow...

Maybe I'll come back in the second half as otherwise I'm interested more in the later game.

I've sure missed out on some great play in the West mostly due to a job change this month and getting used to a new schedule.

Wow is the East awful! Last week I watched BC humiliate Montreal, and last night I saw how bad BC was even at home. I guess without Lulay they just are not the same?

And so I hope at least the late game, the rematch of the prior humiliation by Toronto and Toronto's only win, turns out to be a decent game because wow so far it seems like six teams are playing some awful ball. What gives? Any idea anyone?

Go figure the winner of this game, or Toronto should they win later, will be the top team in the East?

Good answer by Hamilton to the Ottawa answer!

Yeah, I think the defences stayed home tonight. :lol:

Seems that way so far.... hopefully the Cats D shows up before the RBs do

Wow. 17 minutes in and it's 14-14. Gonna come down to who has the last possession. :lol:

Is Banks wearing an invisibility cloak? The Redblacks can't seem to find him.

Watching quarterback sneaks for big ground gains (Cats' Dan LeFevour) reminds of Pop Warner ball. Yeeesh .

Indeed, both TJ Hill and Seth Williams are playing flag football. Weak efforts.

I wonder if Hamilton found their QB in LeFevour. He reminds me a little of Mike Reilly last season. He's ballsy and seems to be taking the team on his shoulders. But Austin needs to simmer. He's starting to remind me of Kavis Reed.

His weak arm will likely kill this idea Chief!

Someone needs to inform the Redblacks that simply getting a hand on the opposing player’s waist does not qualify as a tackle. I’ve been seeing it all night, and it’s driving me batty!

All right, so I didn't get to follow the offseason because of some real life stuff. What happened between Austin and Burris? Burris put up all-star numbers for Hamilton. I don't see why you wouldn't bring him back. Something must've happened behind the scenes.

Is the game sold out? Looks like some empty seats. :frowning:

I'm not surprised that Rick Campbell went for it. His defence hasn't been able to stop anything tonight. Ottawa was a good offence, but their defence will continue to cost them games.

Austin was not willing to pay 4-450K to hire Burris as a pending FA... Burris was looking for an end of career contract, he did not like the offers the Cats gave him so Austin opted to pursue Collaros once he became available!

Oskee Wee Wee! - We're tied for first! lol

You sound surprised


My initial reaction would be: Austin made a big mistake. But if LeFevour can continue what he's doing, maybe he got lucky. I don't see Collaros lasting as leader.