Ottawa @ Hamilton Preseason Game

Well we get our first Tiger-Cat preseason game at THF tomorrow (Monday) night against the Redblacks a Sold Out game and the return of our Tiger-Cat players many back from last season, a few new changes and positions to watch along with the return of many ex-Cat players like Henry Burris, Ellingson and recently signed Chris Williams.

Wow, when was the last time we had a Sold Out football stadium for the first preseason game?

It's great to get the first preseason game going and see who will be challanging for positions on the team, who will replace Delvin at the corner? How will the linebackers perform? I'm watching to see if Jeff Mathews gets an opportunity to run a quarter or a few plays, I think under Collaros and having played for Austin and Condell at Cornell that Mathews has all the basics of a good QB in this league, he certainly has size.

Also how will the other QB's perform given the playing time like Jacory Harris? We know Masoli needs improvement over last year when he was fumble prone, maybe this year we will see a new Masoli?

It should be a fun game and the First Preseason at Tim Horton's Field.

Enjoy the Game Tiger-Cat Fans, Cheer Loud and Proud!!!


Answered what i seen in Camp

There'll be some old friends to watch on the other side. 1/3 of the RBs starting offence Monday night will former Cats -- Henry, Chevy, Greg and Matt.

Ottawa's position chart for Tomorrows game

Josh Smith ?@JoshSmith_82 17m17 minutes ago
No. 80 staying at home. #Ticats fans will have to wait until Nov. 1 to boo him mercilessly.

With Gable sidelined it should be interesting to see if the Cats use the double backfield of either Grigsby and Madu or Woodson
and of course Prime at FB, either way it could give defenses in the league a tough group to stop when the regular season gets going in a few weeks.


Ain't Madu hurt as well?

Doubt you will see much of a double backfield at all this year. Just like last year, 95% of the time, they will go with a five receiver set. Austin and Condell's offence is pass, pass, pass and run when you absolutely have to or when you want to catch the opposition off-guard.

Our position roster for tomorrow

Not dressed

And, of course, its gonna rain!

Yeah, he's out. Woth Gable already confirmed out too, him not showing on the position chart for the first preseason game can't be a good sign.

YAY! Football weather! :rockin:

Whooo! Pre-season! Second best season of it all! Totally hope we win the Preseason Cup! Yes, I am calling the winner of this game wins the Preseason Cup. Right now. Big stakes, yo!

I'm honestly just down with having some fun and if we're gonna get drenched, hey, whatever. I can deal.


IMHO, it's the THIRD best season.
My rankings:

  1. Post Season (including the Grey Cup);
  2. Regular Season; and
  3. Pre-Season.

FOOTBALL STARTS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Speedy B VS CW the Traitor :thdn: :frowning:

and sidelined with injuries
and let's not forget also...
out for the season

Don't know about anyone else but the IL is eerily starting to look like last years IL in length,hopefully it doesn't grow any longer after tonight's game. :cry:

It’s been going on longer than just last year. Here’s a post I made early in the 2013 season.
Is there something wrong with our training facilities or staff? Are other teams experiencing the same issues? If not, why are we?

Edmonton lost 5 players yesterday.

About the growing list of wounded, Eskimo Head Coach Chris Jones said “welcome to camp. When you practice ten times in a row there will be bumps and bruises?. [url=] ... -for-esks/[/url]
I've seen tweets out of Alouettes' camp that they've had a few serious injuries as well. Mardy Gilyard & Ryan White.

It is a long list of key players injured and it sucks, but injuries are always going to be an issue in football, it is the nature of the game, whether it happens on or off the field.
Injuries are exactly why teams have such huge rosters, it will always be "next man up" philosophy.

On the field stretching