Ottawa Hamilton game thread

Go RedBlacks!

Well this is an exciting thread. Everyone out trick or treating, perhaps?

That kickoff return may have just saved the puddy tats season.

Fantastic game actually but sorry, I know we are supposed to be negative since it’s been a “horrible” “disaster” year for the CFL. Apologies for being even somewhat positive here. :lol:

REDBLACKS!!!! With all the chirping on here by TiCat fans you would think Hamilton would be blowing them out

Well… So far I give it a C+
Maybe even a B-
Way better than I expected.

Jeremiah Johnson is having a great game. That move on Butler was impressive.

Well that was a brutal turnover.
Not a skill play by any stretch of the imagination.

Brutal miss of a wide open reciever.. How did Burris ever become a Hall of Famer?

See... Now there is a turnover that was not brutal, but
Brutal skill as long as it was not a hit to the head.
It did not look like a head to head hit..

Now some brutal penalties :thdn: :thdn:

I believe you are an ignorant chicken little hiding behind a computer. Sucks to be you.

No, no there's not...refs are letting the players play ball.

This is a decent football game but you just don't want to admit it, do you?

I already admitted that it was a decent game.. Well the first half was decent anyways... I was referring to the penalty called on Ottawa where the guy literally touched his shoulder after the tigercat picked the ball up and started running after the whistle.

I am hardly an fan, but I have to agree with you on that one. When an opponent plays it like he has possession and is running you can't expect a player to be certain he heard a whistle in the hustle and bustle surrounding a loose ball.

It's a pick off - shotgun Hamilton TD....34-25 Hamilton lead

FRACKING Henry Burris!

Switched over to the curling on Sportsnet during the commercial and I have an important question:

Why are so many of the elite Canadian female curlers so good looking?

Your definition of “touched his shoulder” is interesting to say the least. Whistles had long gone (you admitted as much), play was dead and this monster gives the guy a two arm shiver than sends him flying. It was unnecessary and it was rough. It was Unnecessary Roughness.

Well with that pick.. The game is over..
I give the first half a B- and the second half a D-
Another dropped TD.. :roll:
The Tiger-cats are in huge trouble.. Any other team including Saskatchewan with Joseph, would of slaughtered them.

Ill have to see the replay again...When I seen it, it seemed like a soccer dive.