Ottawa @ Hamilton 2023 PBP Thread

Kickoff is only a few minutes away.
We all know the storylines.

Ottawa is not a good footbal team, and they are one game above us in the standings. This is one of those sopcalled “4-point” games.

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Is it still raining in Hamilton?

Balanced offence!

Sindani looking decent on the opening drive.

What, no long bombs? Using Butler and short passes. I like this.

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Next drive.


We got points, but should have been a TD.


No yards.
Decent coverage to force the outlet pass, which might have had a little too much mustard on it…

Does Mauldin make it back into this game?

Since he made the last tackle… lol

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I like that we have committed to the run.

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Good first quarter. Keep it going.

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I like that it’s effective.

Nice cloudy day for a tinted visor shiltz

Either the concourse is full, or the stadium seems half-empty…

Our first shut out quarter?


How do you never learn that the number after the down is how many yards you need to get

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What’s up with these timecount violations?


TWO time-count penalties AT HOME?!?