Ottawa & Halifax in CFL for 2008??????

Do you think we'll have 10 teams in the CFL by 2008? Ottawa and the Atlantic Storm? How does it look so far in expanding the league?

ottawa, maybe...halifax NO.
halifax wont be in the league until '09 or '10 at the earliest.

yes they will both be in 2008. There is no other logical reasoning behind keeping Ottawa out until 2008 other than to come back with an even 10 team schedule. The 9 team odd schedule is too difiicult, we need to come back with 10 teams. If the CFL doesn’t do this i’ll be extremely puzzled as to why there won’t be Ottawa next season.

...really, do you think? I guess you can tell us all WHERE the team in Halifax will play then?....

hahaha....exactly, red.

halifax wont even know if they win the CG games until the very end of '07...they arent gonna have a new stadium up and ready by may of '08...PLUS ownership.

well one thing for sure, I dont think Halifax has anyroom to build a stadium around their current football field.

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I would however love it if Halifax had a team.
By the way, I thought the team name was going to be the Atlantic Schooners? Where did the name Storm come from?

halifax’s future stadium is supposed to be built across the bridge in dartmouth.

but, say they did, for some reason, decide to expand huskie stadium, they could always remove the track around the field, and build high bleachers, and build the players a dug-out under the blechers like ivor wynn stadium.

I thought of that too, but if you look at the picture of Huskies stadium closely, you would see that there are still buildings in the way even if they use the track.
They would have to build the stadium upwards with balconies.
With the proper engineers designing the buildings it could be done, but at what costs?
If they are able to pull off building a stadium at Huskies field, they would have to relocate the track as well as relocate any of the buildings that they may have to knock down to make room for a possible stadium.
Those buildings look new plus their are safety concerns and firecodes that might prevent a stadium being build up that close to those buildings in case it would block off any fire excapes.
I do think it can be done but the engineers would have a job on their hands.

The Commonwealth Games, IF Halifax gets them, aren’t until 2014… I doubt that a stadium would be ready until 2012 at the earliest. Whatever the location of such a stadium, there won’t be a team in Halifax in 2008.

As for Ottawa: looks good for 2008. I have no issues with a 9 team league. I’d rather see 10 teams than 9 but I’d also rather see 9 teams than 8. Bringing Ottawa back is good for for the league, the current 8 teams, the national advertisers, the TV ratings, etc., etc., etc.

You hit it right on the money Mr Bigglesworth.
However if Halifax does win the bid for the Commonwealth Games they could be smart and build the stadium in stages to make it ready for a ealier CFL Season.
Say for example the could start with one side of the stadium and have football playing while the other side of the stadium is under construction.
Many sports teams have done that in the past.
By the way, has any plans for a stadium in Halifax been drawn up if they do get the games? And if so, is there any information about it?

no, i cant find any stadium blueprints or anything like that.

Hmmm I would be interested to see what they had in mind.
Did you by chance see plans for the new Winnipeg Stadium? I dont think it is a go, but they do have a idea of what they would like.

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I think toronto also may of had plans for a new outdoor stadium but I am not sure if the scrapped that idea.
It would be nice if Halifix would give us a sneak peak of what they would like in a stadium if they are able to build one.

we had a few pics of the winnipeg stadium on here months ago...and the toronto stadium was scrapped b4 last season.

Here is what I found.

Halifax, Canada
Halifax, Nova Scotia won the Canadian bid in a unanimous decision over three Ontario locations, York Region, Hamilton and Ottawa. Canada last hosted the Games in 1994 in Victoria, British Columbia.

If successful, a new stadium and many other new sporting facilities would have to be built. These would become national training facilities after the games. A new stadium would also aid in Halifax's quest for a CFL team, and possibly act as a venue for Canada's 2018 FIFA World Cup bid.

Halifax's stated intention is to provide world-class facilities to create an athlete-focused Games. The centrepiece would be a planned Commonwealth Park to include:

a new stadium;
a state-of-the-art aquatics centre;
a new field house; and,
an Athletes' Village.
Some existing facilities would be upgraded to world-class standards, while others will be constructed within existing permanent structures to serve on a temporary basis. Halifax plans to build it's facilities in venue clusters to shorten the athletes' transportation times between venues and events. Halifax planned to have at least half of the athletes being able to walk to their competition venues, with all of athletes living within walking distance to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

An August 2006 estimate indicated costs to taxpayers is $750,000,000 CDN.

The Halifax 2014 team has not released full details on the bid, but it is expected that the full bid plan will be announced between May and June 2007. [3]

Also here is what they want to do to Molson Stadium in Montreal.

The Molson Stadium will be renovated with its Phase II of the reconstruction. Phase II will add 5,000 extra seats on the south side and permanent seats on the corners. This is the first step in the Molson Stadium reconstruction, in which permanent seats will be added in the end zone.

Phase III of the renovations are yet to come, in which constructors think another deck will be added over the North seats, which will accommodate 10,000 seats.

The overall capacity will be 35,000 seats. However, there is neighborhood opposition and the timeframe for progress is uncertain.

heres winnipegs future stadium...they are just trying to settle on a location.

What I like about that Winnipeg Stadium is that it is expandible.
I thought they wanted to put it at the Red River Exhibition Grounds?

Anyway here is another older article about Halifax written in 2001. They wanted to act then and 5 years later still nothing.

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Here is another article that was written recently this year.
[url=] ... 93795.html[/url]

notice the article was printed in '04 and said the study will take 6 months...and here we are, almost '07 and its still not done!

Yea I wish everyone would pic up the pace.
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