Ottawa Grey Cup venues

Anybody know of any venues that will be playing the game and hosting a large contingent of fans? I can't make it to Toronto, but I'd still like to be around other REDBLACKS fans during the game.

I haven't heard much on that front, but I think last year the RedBlacks did something at TD PLACE (inside at the Civic Center rink)

not sure if they are again or not

No, OSEG has said no official GC party at TD Place this year.

No where else to put this but...

Does anyone know where I can find some Ottawa RedBlacks (or Rough Rider) winter gloves?

I looked on the sights and nothing. I would love the ones that come together to make the logo.

They did have them on their online store at one time then for some reason the online store when Bare bones for some odd reason . I envy the Ti-cats when it comes to the gear sold on varied products they are better in this area for reaching out to their fans .

If you think the Ticats have good stuff ............. check the Saskatchewan Roughriders Store!!!
THAT is a store :slight_smile:

I am still waiting for the day they bring back Ottawa Rough Rider stuff - from my post to God's ear.

Noback Riders gear is way ahead of the pack I can only hope we get half as good .

Kev they did have jerseys this year for a short period for the old rough riders but they had no numbers and no xxl . They need to do a lot of work on their merchandising there leaving money on the table . Old RR jerseys with Jackson , Gabriel , Clements and Holloway would sell but they don't see it .

They own the rights to RR when they bought it off Horn Chen so there should be no issue now .

Congrats OTTAWA!! Great team effort!!