Ottawa Grey Cup 2017 - SOLD OUT

OTTAWA -- The Grey Cup is still a month away but organizers say the game is sold out.
Capacity at TD Place for the Nov. 26 CFL championship will be increased from 24,000 to 36,000 with the addition of temporary stands in both end zones.

Ottawa hotels set to sell out for Grey Cup weekend

Great news Ottawa!
Had no doubt - they are passionate fans there and it's contagious. Gonna be a fun GC Week in Ottawa

Great. Seems the smaller cities maybe is where the cfl flourishes/. ? Something to think about mr. Ambrosie.

Always good to see the big game sold out well in advance.

Great to hear. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a legitimate sellout streak again.

It's a good example of having enough time to plan and gauging the market before rolling it out.

"You're welcome"

-Shania Twain

Are you sure they sold-out all 36,000 seats. All of them!!!

So I guess this promo is not happening this year! :o :o :o

What a disaster that was. :-[

This is great news! Great for the CFL and especially great for Ottawa et al. I can only imagine how even more excited Ottawa fans will be should Ottawa make it to the Grey Cup!

small stadium sells out. wow

I mean, it is still only 36,000. That is less than the majority of grey cups.

Shania would never say such a thing, but Only 36,000 huh, That don’t impress me much…

It should be the norm for any stadium that seats less than 40,000 to sell out.

How impressive would 36,000 be at any other stadium not called BMO

I am happy for Ottawa, but I wish they had built a slightly bigger stadium.

I'm also a little disappointed that the North grandstand wasn't completely replaced and increased in size. I also think there should be permanent bowl seating in the end zones, but maybe after most of the startup bills are paid there can be talk of expanding it.

LOL. So embarrassing.

Ditto. 6,000 permanent endzone seats would quickly sell out there. Hamilton as well.

This was a non authorized sale of tickets given to Pizza Pizza because they were a sponsor to the CFL.

Companies including sponsors can notdo what ever they want in these promotionsunless blessed by the CFL.

As soon as the CFL found out they were told to stop. Now everyone thinks it was the CFL that did this! I see Sportsnet couldn't wait to print this all over again.

I agree. However, it was embarrassing that our premier game had to resort, even indirectly, to this.

So happy Ottawa sold out. I am looking forward to the game. I think my Ticats will be there... assuming they bought tickets. :wink:

Just got hold of 5 Grey Cup 2017 tickets sellers. Quite a bit for sell ( less than 1000) but nothing under $200. Guess it's the TV. However game time Sunday a flood will hit the streets. It's a gamble


I don't understand, Brian.

Goggle Grey Cup Tickets 2017, These are probably pre bought.
Vivid seats, Stubhub, Ticket network, and more, have tickets for sale.
Maybe mini scalping as I see prices inconsistent.

Fair enough. Thanks!