Ottawa ' great things from the redblacks' tonight shows

  1. The stadium looks awesome. Just saw a post video from CBC news on the stadium. It looks amazing. Nicest dressing rooms. Beautiful concourses and the exterior is going to be amazing with entrance plaza, walk-ways, etc — Ottawa Landsdowne Park is back!! the place to be. The Grey Cup festival was awesome in '04. it’s going to be amazing at the upcoming Grey Cup.

  2. TV showcase. The camera angles in so many NHL, CFL venues are terrible. Way too low and too zoomed in. This stadium has a great view. Just like what the NCAA/NFL requires. Higher up that you can see the entire play develop (well almost)

  3. The fans. You saw it firsthand today. The fans love the CFL. They love their community. They loved this experience. The win was icing on the cake. A memory that will last a lifetime. Just look at all the pics/vids of people with whoever(friends, family) after celebrating their experience.

  4. The ‘R’ is back. albeit a bit too small on the helmet. It is nice to see hats, t-shirts, flags with the big ‘R’

Was struck me today was that it seemed that almost everybody was wearing team merchandise, in great quantities and varieties. For a club that only released its logo and uniforms in recent months, they've done a great job of getting it out there. I don't recall that sort of thing with the Renegades.

Women in particular. I spent a significant amount of time studying that, just to make sure my theory was sound. :wink:

I noticed that too, while watching on TV. A lot of ladies, as well as men, kids and teens wearing Redblacks gear.
Good on them and congratulations Ottawa. Other teams should study there marketing approach.

Is there anything (within reason) that you wish you had but never managed to get your hands on?

A couple of things.

My wife saw this winter coat that she thought looked great, but she came to a game with me in July or August. I didn't want to haul that thing around with me, but when I went in the fall, I didn't see it again (or neglected to look). The one store I knew had it wasn't open one time when I went to seek it out.

There'a also a ballcap that I love. The logo is stitched, and the blade is done in silver. It actually is almost shiny. I quite liked it but didn't find it when I went back another time.

Lastly, I had heard that they put out a media guide (you'd think so) but never saw it. I would have liked to have that. I picked up the program at the first game, but of course it's mostly about the history of football in the city. Very good for that, mind you. :thup:

Check out the OSEG Store on Bank Street. My brother picked up a couple of them ($15 each) for us just after Christmas. Would be surprised if they were sold out because like you, no one knew they were out there in the first place.

Good tip. I'm not out there very often, but the next time I am I'll make a point to pop in.

I picked up the media guide a few weeks ago. "No one knew they were out there" included the girl working the cash but she eventually clued in. They were being kept under the counter for some reason. :?