ottawa good football fans

You know,I lived in Ottawa for 20 years of my life the other half in toronto,im a big Rens fan but my father who still is a diehard Ottawa fan says ottawa is a good football city but ive come to the conclusion that he is wrong. Ive tried to explain to him that hamilton draws 28,000 fans a game and look at them. I uses to believe that Ottawa stopped drawing because of poor management but I think its more than that. Hamilton has proved to me that good ownership(who lives in city)is the key. I wish I was wrong but I think that all the diehard fans have to put it bluntly, have died because of the fact most of the ones who were associated with the winning teams are around in their 70-80,s......its sad but I think its going to take about 3 solid years of 10-12 win seasons to at least gain some fans back.

Well, Ottawa can't seem to draw a crowd over 20000 unless the Riders are in town. I don't know what's wrong there, they got more people in the city than we got in our province.

Can we not stop talking about this, it's annoying...

The team is but 4 years old. Since it's lattest inception ownership has been spotty. The teams have not been competitive or shown the ability to take it to the playoffs. Marketing has been chum like... What do you expect.

The product on and off the field has not been good.

Will you buy milk... if you know it's gone bad...

Let's stop bitching about the fans and put the onus on the team... SHOW US SOMETHING and it looks good then maybe we'll buy the milk...

As for Hamilton. Congrats to them, their onership and the city... That's all.

(FYI - I'm a season tix owner that's tired of hearing this... Can we not focuson making our current team better!

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH MM. Stop blaming the fans. THis city has not had a winning team since 1979. I would love to see what kind of attendance there would be in every other CFL city ( or NFL city ) with a record like that over the same time period. I was watching a Ottawa vs. Calgary game from Aug.9, 1987 on ESPNC, in which I attended, Dean Dorsey broke Do Sweet's FG record. Ottawa led by 30 points in the 3rd quarter and lost by 1 point. I was at that game and it is still painful to watch. The hard luck situation has still not changed even with the Renegades in 2005 !!!! Shitty ownership, coaches, management and players for 26 years !!! The slide dates back to when Ottawa got rid of Frank Clair and Tom Clements and George Brancato's revolving door. It's still going on . When is the CFL going to learn that Ottawa needs the league's help in rebuilding. What does it do ? The CFL sticks Ottawa with the Gliebermen. So, stop blaming the fans.


I too wish to congratulate the ti-cats and their fans... however, here is a quote from "".

Over 60% of the Ticats season ticket base committed to the three-year Traditions Club season ticket plan in 2004

Read the entire article here -

In 2003, the Ti-Cats suffered through 1-17 season (sorry ti-cat fans) and team went into receivership. In October of 2003, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats was purchased by Bob Young who hires coach Greg Marshall and the 2004 Tiger-Cats finished the season 9-8-1 and clinched a playoff berth before bowing out in the East Semi-Final.

New ownership and a 3-year season ticket deal... Coming off a 9-8-1 (considered an excellent season to Ottawa standards), I'd be waiting for camp to open too.

Today ti-cats are 3-10... Give the 60% the choice at the end of this season... How many come back? Perhaps all because they are locked in again next year.

Got to go watch the Sens beat the c r a p out of the leafs... GO SENS GO

excellent post MM

Ottawa is a solid football market you can not compare ottawa to hamilton etc.The rens have been here for 4 years from day 1 it has been a nightmare from ownership to not haveing a winning team.With hamilton and the riders they are a one horse town what else to do but to go to a football game.

Yes, I agree and with Lonie's new Season Ticket offerings soon to be released, I hope it gets better. I have some emails into the Gades office as some suggestions they should consisder which appear to work for other teams in the league...

Looking forward to tonight's game... GO GADES GO!

hopefully they can pull one out of the hat tonight.

Ottawa has football fans. Someone said show us a product. You guys have talent, but its hard to get motivated in front of 1,000 quiet fans. See if you are wainting for a team to win its called being a fair weather fan, and those are the fans that a franchise doesn't want. The franchise has done ther part its time for you guys to do yours.

really, what has the franchise done this year, other than lose 6 in a row, getting blown out in 5 of those 6 losses? Don't get me wrong, i've got season tickets, and have had them since they came back into the league, but there were games this year in which i felt like not even going, but went anyways because i'm a sucker for punishment.

19k announced fans @ the Ticats rain soaked game... What's the problem with attendance???

There isn't one. End of topic.

Yep... I was there too.. freezing my a$$ off... I went to work earlier in the day with my renegades warm up pull over and my rain coat... I live way outside of the city and usually hit Mexi's for a few cervezas a.nd supper.

I should have brought my Gade fleece.... left the game it was 8 degrees.

Doesn't matter cause we KICKED Ti-Cat a$$...