ottawa gets the shaft

Hey, do you know what I noticed. Ottawa has like 3 away games in a row that aren't televised. Kind of tough to be a fan when you can't even watch your own away games. I thought sask was bad having 1 away game we cant see, but having 3 is completely assenine (spelling??). Anyhow, here is hoping that Ottawa plays against my Riders for the cup this year. I like the way they are playing and they are definately my new second favorite team. Go Riders and Go Rens(unless the Gades are playing the Riders).

They sad thing then is the Rens could win these three games, and that wouldn't boost any interest in Ottawa because no one would notice it (don't count on Ottawa papers to play the Rens big).

That is a shame, the Rens look like a very good team. But eventually the fans will support them if they keep playing well and the ownership remains stable as the people in Ottawa know how important football is in Montreal, their closest CFL neighbour. I know they have a fairly new baseball stadium in Ottawa that has a AAA team but, with the Expos now gone, other than Toronto and the local area, people are not as crazy about baseball anymore and certainly baseball, with only one major league team in Canada, will never be a game that is that big in Canada compared with the great CFL.

Not to worry Tvor. We have the best Radio broadcast team going. So I'll be listening to the games in my screened in gazebo pounding back a few pops.

Don't forget, Ottawa was in limbo in the off season and I honestly think the belief was they were going to fold, what with no representation at League meetings and hence the no TV games. And I think the League was banking on putting us away early with the horrendous scheduling against the best teams in the League for the first 5 games. But we fooled 'em didn't we? (Eh Hughie??)
And T & T, you really don't know the history of football in the Cap. There's a lot of interest here in Ottawa. It's just the hardcore homegrown fan that is sticking by the team right now. All the rest will jump on the bandwagon when they get over the "I've been supporting this team through 25 years of turmoil and I'm not going to anymore" syndrome. And when they jump off the bandwagon again at least our City will still have the same hardcore fan there as we have today.
Sorry for saying this :oops: , but I fear for Montreal's future when the wheels fall off there.

Go Capital Punishment Go!!

So you are saying the league is against Ottawa? Please!!!!!!

And what does the wheel falling off in Montreal mean?

What I meant about "boosting interest" was "putting people in the stands". I've never seen so many empty seats than when I watched the game against Calgary.

Victories makes people want to go to the games. If people are unware that such victories are earned, it lessens the effect.

…my understanding of why the game in Saskatchewan next week is not being televised is that while Taylor Field is undergoing renovations the management had a choice of either plugging in the TSN satelite truck or keeping the beer fridge running…

I'm not saying that at all 1313. I'm saying that Ottawa probably would have either folded or been taken over by the League had it not been for The Gliebermans. Really, they were that close. The team was in limbo during the scheduling process. So the logical thing for the League to do was to put them away early by playing the so called strong teams first. Yeah, I guess the connotation in my statement was that the League is against Ottawa. But that's really not what I meant. Nor do I believe that. I was just trying to state things logically, but I wasn't succinct enough.

And as far as the "wheels falling off in Montreal" reference is concerned, all I was trying to say is that Montreal has had it very good for the last 10 years. But the CFL is cyclical, and one day the Als will be at the bottom of the cycle. They didn't survive it twice before, and I don't think they will survive it again. I really hope that doesn't happen any time soon. And I really want you guys to continue to support them.

Go Capital Punishment Go!!

Yes! We've got to keep our bevereges cold! Beer fridge. . .beer fridge. . .beer fridge. . .beer fridge. . .

.......priorities must be maintained......good call rider mgmt!!!!!!!!..........

It's not that they are alcoholics, it's just that they need to return enough bottles to the grocery store to be able to pay everyone. Gotta love these community-owned teams!

Although, 3/10, we did have to drink our fair share to tolerate our 'dark' years. . .

The reason the attendance was bad against Calgary was that there was a freakin thunderstorm right up to game time! Also, Saturdays suck in the Summer because everyone is away at the cottage (not me though). Unfortunately, I heard that they are expecting around 18000 for tonight. Not great but better than last game.

Go Gades Go!
North Side Sucks!

Are you going to make me type this all over again????
The reason the Als folded once(not twice unless you are refering to the Expos) before was because of the owner who's sole purpose in life was to bring in a NFL team. The owner did nothing for the team, it was so bad that the fans used to donate footballs so they could practice.

As for the wheels falling off, in the last 10 years the Als have 1 cup win and 2 cup losses along with maybe 6 eastern final loses. If the fans havent left yet I dont think they are going to at all.

You see ro1313, I got the facts wrong about your team leaving. So the perception is myopic on both sides.
Hopefully I will know better in future. The sad thing is there are a lot of people out there who perceive Ottawa as a poor football town. Sure football has been supplanted by the popularity of our Ottawa Senators. But by and large this City's football programs, participation in playing the game, knowledge of the game and outright support are next to none in this country.
And we've been around football a very, very long time.