Ottawa Geegees

Has anyone hear been toa geegee game at landsdown.If so how is it do they have concession stands open are the bathrooms open etc.

They sell team merchandise and I believe they have some food basics; pizza hot dogs, popcorn etc.

Are you fat? If so, go to the can BEFORE going to the game. The stalls are so narrow, Manute Bol would find them a little tight.

If you're going to watch football around Ottawa, and need to scratch that itch before CIS gets going, I'd also recommend the Invaders (semi-pro) starting in late May and the Sooners (Junior) in early August, both at Carleton. Easy to get to, plenty of parking, tickets somewhere between $5-$ favourite place to see a game.

By the way...

OTTAWA — If all goes well, Carleton Ravens football will be back on the field in 2012 as a result of a vote Thursday night by the university’s board of governors.

“There was a great feeling from people that they wanted to see this come back,? Carleton University president Roseann O’Reilly Runte said. “The people who are supporters of this are strongly in support.?

A team will play in Canadian Interuniversity Sport for the first time in 13 years if the board of governors can reach its fundraising goal of $5 million and convince senior administration the team is financially sustainable in the long run. The university made a highly unpopular decision to scrap the team in 1999 because it was draining a large portion of the athletics budget without producing a lot of wins.

This time around, alumni are helping out with the budget. Former Ravens cornerback John Ruddy has pledged his support as the lead donor and the board has already raised at least half of the $5 million required to bring the team back.

Runte said she has been working on reviving the team since she started the job in 2008. A survey showing student support for bringing football back convinced her the time was right, she said.

“The majority of the students said they would like to have football here and they said they would attend games,? Runte said.

Football is a valuable tool for community building at a university, Runte said.

“I believe that stellar athletes are part of the university community and I believe that sports bring people together.?

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This is great news!

I do enjoy going to the Gee-Gee games, solely because they are the highest level of football in Ottawa. I do own seasons tickets, and have attended most- all of the games in the past 10 years. But it is no CFL. A lot of mistakes, and some very low scoring games. Not a very good example of Canadian Football.

When the Renegades folded, I decided to get into amateur more and I just love it. Of course it's not CFL level, and I sometimes get a little a little lost between the different sets of rules in different leagues and/or levels, but I feel good about supporting the lower levels. You get the sense your contribution goes further.

Bring back the Panda Game!

When I went to Carleton in the 70s-80s the Ravens where there, but almost nowhere to be seen on campus. The school did a HORRIBLE job of promoting them. Which is probably why they were a horrible team.

One of the best football games I have ever been to was a Panda game at decrepit (even then) Lansdowne Park. So much fun :smiley: