Ottawa Game Attendence Saturday

24,887 Huge crowd Nice day good try by BC.

It wasn't a "good try" by BC at all. Nor has it been a good try in the past few weeks. The team is broken and there are some crucial decisions to be made as they slide into the toilet. They are coming out sluggish and unfocused only to try and play catch up in the second half.

The almost hopeless (at the time) Riders tore them a new one a few weeks back and the Lions haven't recovered since. Jennings is good, but he's not improving at all and if you're at all realistic you see it too. He's no better than last year and IF, they make the western semi's again? Mark my words, he'll choke again. He is nowhere near matured enough to get the job consistently done!

The D line, and the O line are short circuiting. Not to mention the Lions have a kicker who has trouble with a 25 yard FG.


I wonder how many people were watching for free on the hill beyond the end zone?

and from the condo tower overlooking the field?

I sit in section M with good view of the hill. I would say over 100 close to 200. OSEG should have someone selling food and non-alcoholic drinks. They could make quite a bit.

Those both were some interesting design features of the Landsdowne redo project.
Why would you ever add elements to your design that doesn't allow you to derive revenue from is a puzzling move

The prices for the field view condos are at a premium, the profits from the sale of the condos go to OSEG - the owners of the REDBLACKS. I'm sure they pay a high condo fee too - to OSEG.
As for the hill, the view is from behind the end zone and behind the walkway and the fence, anyone that would sit that far back to watch a game deserves a freebie. I couldn't watch a game from that far back.

Greg Ellinson in the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday

Good for him!