Ottawa Gaff

This was on the ten spot on cnn/sport illustrated’s site and I’m wondering if this is true.

The coaching staff of the CFL’s Ottawa Renegades had hoped that defensive back Daniel Jones would make the squad when he showed up to camp less than two weeks ago. Alas, one fact had been missed by the Renegades’ scouting staff: Jones had recently been shot. The 23-year-old from Compton, Calif., appeared with a bullet hole through the bone of his left arm. “The kid wanted to play with it,” said coach/GM Joe Paopao, “but I said no.” Paopao didn’t even bother to ask how Jones had sustained the injury. Perhaps like all good defensive backs, though, Jones has a short memory.

I don’t know if it’s true, but I think we need the CFL to be more like the NFL:

We need more felons and ex-gang members playing here.

Maybe it was ‘merely a flesh wound’.

What?! No shot-gun Defence???
At least he wasn’t drafted “dead”.

Was this before or after the Glieberman’s arrival :wink:

Same story was in this mornings paper out west here.

LOL… That reminds me of the one woman who got stabbed in the back of the neck on the way to the grocery store but didn’t realize it until the people in the grocery store freaked out.

wow… talk about going into complete shock… and most athletes will want to play their sport no matter what their injury… sitting on the sideline is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially if your team is loosing

…and you have a nagging bullet wound.

OTTAWA won tonight against MONTREAL in Montreal…OTTAWA, must have cheated. [just joking]

Maybe the previous quarterback he played against had a rifle for an arm…and they were using a Run-and-Shoot offense.