Ottawa franchise update

Don't subsidize CFL, city was warned

Consultant's comments cited by opponents

By Mohammed Adam, Ottawa Citizen June 28, 2011

A consultant hired by the city to provide advice on Lansdowne redevelopment

warned officials in 2009 not to go along with a plan by a group of Ottawa businessmen

because it amounted to subsidizing a Canadian Football League franchise, an Ottawa court heard Monday.

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I have not been following this.
The new Lansdowne Stadium is still tied up in court by the anti-stadium people?
The New Franchise was to hit the field for the 2013 season (24 months from now)
I cannot see this happening unless something happens soon.
Every city has to have a certain % of wingnuts running around!
Did I not read that Ottawa got an expansion NASL franchise too?

...must be left-over anti Red Hill Expressway people expanding their horizons :wink:

RTH in Ottawa equals Relocate To Hull :roll:

Unfortunately true on all counts - except maybe the NASL franchise. Not a soccer fan, so I ignore anything to do with them.

I have hard, and I suspect it's true, that most of the Friends of Lansdowne are residents of the Glebe, the neighbourhood surrounding Lansdown Park. Because of this, they tend to be thought of by most of the rest of the city as a bunch of NIMBYs. And up until now, most of the arguments put forward by this particular group of, ok for lack of a better term, wingnuts have been thrown out - after much time (and money) has been spent assessing them. This one could be different, as it indicates that the experts hired by the city both expressed concerns with the city spending money that directly assisted Hunt and his team.

I really hope this latest issue can be resolved so the developers can get moving on getting the stadium ready in time for the new Ottawa CFL franchise. But the way this group is fighting - one issue at a time, and they are very persistent - it's looking less and less likely.

If you go to the Renegade site we have been discussing this for a few weeks now. The so called "Friends of Lansdowne FOL" have taken the city to court. The hearing is going on as we speak - FOL had their say last week and they brought up a lot of issues about OSEG getting a "sweetheart deal" that the stadium rent should be $450,000 a year etc but the bottom line is they can't prove anything "illegal" they can say it's a bad deal but the old city council voted for it and there was an election in October and the new city council re-affirmed it.

Today the OSEG lawyer is attacking the FOL, I think the judge will throw it out of court. Only problem is that this has delayed construction by a year and the stadium won't be ready until 2014.

You can follow the court proceedings NOW LIVE :

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FOL Foolish Ottawa Losers

Just watching the proceedings on the Ottawa Citizen blog and this lawyer is really tearing apart the FOL.
The FOL said that the city ignored the consultant recommendation that the CFL team pay $400,000 in annual rent, but the city lawyer said that they had three other consultants.

One of the things that sank the Renegades was the high rent that the city was charging. I think most CFL teams get a break on rent and the cities charge a surcharge on tickets for the operating costs. Hamilton is going to charge the Ticats $3 a ticket when the new IWS gets built.

The elites live around Lansdowne, a lot of lawyers and this professor of economics at Carleton. They got together to hire a lawyer to challenge OSEG in court. The last thing they want to see is CFL football - it doesn't fit in well in that neighborhood. They want to see a small 5,000 seat stadium where they can watch some women's soccer and maybe the odd "Shakespeare in the Park" performances.

Funny that the FOoLs lawyers didn't mention these other three consultants.

Not only the high rent, but the team also got none of the concession revenue. So they had to make a go of it solely on ticket sales, merchandise, and TV revenue. In a city where the major employer is not allowed to purchase tickets, let alone boxes, to give to partners, suppliers, customers or employees. The reason OSEG is able to be profitable this time is because of its better deals with the city: a portion of concessions, and a lower lease. And from what I've seen, the cost of the stadium, condos, shopping plaza and parking is shared almost 50-50 between the city ($129M) and OSEG ($117M); the rest of the $172M from the city is for the urban park (which I will probably never use) and an exhibition hall somewhere to replace the old Aberdeen Pavillion, etc..

I wouldn't have any problem paying a few dollars more for a ticket if that money goes to paying down the debt incurred from this project. Flat fee or percentage - either way works for me. That way, the people who use the staium end up helping to pay it off sooner, and the poor little rich FOoLs can keep their money to spend on landscaping and renovating their 80-year-old homes. And putting up more barriers so the rest of us can't drive through their neighbourhood, like they did in the '70s.

Can you imagine parking on someone's lawn around the Glebe?
Find out where these FOL guys live and knock on the door before a CFL game and ask if you can park on their front lawn for $10
I wonder if a group will get together around IWS and take the city to court to try to block construction of an expanded IWS.
How about the "Friends of RTH" try to make the city re-consider the WH. Just need some local lawyers on their side.

Maybe if I drove a Mercedes SUV....

I think it looks good for OSEG and bad for the FOL!! This sums it up pretty good - the only thing that I don't like is that the judge won't make a decision until late July. I thought he would throw it out considering there is no proof of anything "illegal"

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I wounder if a Ottawa Team will ever hit Field at all

It folded Twice
what make every sure Ottawa is Good Sports Market
their Hockey is also in Trouble.. and if they don't win right away the Fickle Crowns will not come

I thought they were doing alright. Why do you say they are in trouble? That's the first I've heard of that.

What a silly comment! I wasn't aware that "their hockey is also in trouble"

Not a good sports market? really.
I don't want to get into this name calling again but I will bring this up once again - during the Renegades short existence their attendance was HIGHER than Hamilton's and Toronto's.......yes look it up. Ottawa never had a problem with the fan support. In fact Ottawa has a much smaller poplulation to draw from - 1 million people in the area.
Yet Hamilton with over 6 million in the area?.................need I say more.
As has been said over and over again - Ottawa suffered from bad out of town ownership, the highest stadium rent in the country, a franchise fee put in by the CFL that was outrageous, a terrible draft process etc

Oh and Montreal folded THREE TIMES but I don't hear people complaining why they were given more chances. Remember the Als folding and replaced with LES CONCORDES then replaced by the 84 Als that went under after ONE season.
Then 10 years with no football - the present Als failing at the Big Owe but then saved by playing games at Molson stadium.

Ottawa has great fans, they showed up to support the Riders through many losing seasons too. The junior 67s the highest attendance in the OHL over 8,000 a game for Junior Hockey??? How are you doing with the AHL at Copps?
20,000 a game times 42 games for NHL hockey - yet a losing season. I'm sure their attendance is down but not by much.

Do you have any evidence of "their hockey in trouble" can you provide us a link, I would like to see it.

Ottawa just awarded an NASL franchise - I don't see one in southern Ontario. Ottawa awarded the FIFA U21 World Cup, so the stadium will go ahead anyway. Also the womens World Cup in 4 years time.

Not sure what you mean about the Fickle Crowns?? ???????

The only teams I remember having trouble with attendance were the Nationals (WHA), who moved to Toronto and became the Toros just in time for the playoffs (jerks!) and then folded the next year due to, you guessed it, poor attendance, and the Rebels (NLL), who made the mistake of playing at the cavernous Corel Centre (aka Scotiabank Place) instead of the smaller Civic Centre. As far as I know, there's been no issue with the Sens ever since our dollar rose to par with the American dollar. Problems on-ice, oh yeah. (But they still finished ahead of the Leafs, so most fans here are still happy.)

As for the Riders and 'Gades, they didn't seem to have too much of an attendance problem that I ever saw. No worse than the other eastern teams anyway. Just raw deal from the city, which it sounds like they've fixed this time around.

Having the Ottawa franchise back will help all three Ontario based teams.
Hopefully a rivalry will soon be established between the three.
Sellouts will become the norm between the three.
Ottawa will have a competitive team in their first year because they will have a very favourable entry draft

[url=] ... 74894.html[/url]

If everything proceeds as planned, the Ottawa team could take the field for the 2013 season. In that case, the expansion draft would be conducted on or about Thursday, December 13, 2012. It will consist of three rounds: one for imports, and two for non-imports.

Ottawa will be able to select a total of eight imports and 16 non-imports, including two quarterbacks, from existing teams.

In addition, if the team is ready to start play in 2013, Ottawa will pick first in all six rounds of the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft, after picking as many as four underclassmen from the NCAA in the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft.

Here are some additional details on the expansion draft:

The Expansion Draft is divided into two main categories from which players may be selected, Non-Imports and Imports (quarterbacks, kickers, and punters are eligible for selection within the applicable Non-Import or Import category).

Ottawa will have the ability to select not more than two quarterbacks and not more than one kicker or punter (for clarity, Ottawa may not select a kicker and a punter). A Member Club cannot have both a quarterback and a kicker or punter selected from its roster.


Member Clubs may protect one quarterback, and 10 additional Import players.

Ottawa will select one Import player from each Member Club.

Import quarterbacks, kickers, and punters are eligible for selection (and protection), provided that:

  • Each Member Club may protect a maximum of one quarterback in the Import Draft.

  • All other quarterbacks on a Member Club’s roster at the time of the draft are eligible for selection in this section.

  • Ottawa will only be able to select two quarterbacks in the Expansion Draft.

  • If a quarterback is selected from a Member Club in the Import Draft, such Member Club will be able to protect the names of an additional two Non-Import players in the first round of the Non-Import Draft.

  • If a kicker or punter is selected from a Member Club in the Import Draft, such Member Club will be able to protect one additional Non-Import player in the first round of the Non-Import Draft.


Each Member Club will protect six Non-Import players.

Non-Import quarterbacks, kickers, and punters are eligible for selection (and protection), provided that:

  • If a Member Club had a quarterback selected from its roster in the Import draft, it will be permitted to protect eight Non-Import players in the first round of the Non-Import Draft (instead of six); and

  • Ottawa will be prevented from also selecting a kicker or punter from that Member Club.

  • If a Member Club had a kicker or punter selected from its roster in the Import Draft:

  • That Member Club will be permitted to protect seven Non-Import players in the Non-Import Draft (instead of six); and

  • Ottawa will be prevented from also selecting a quarterback from that Member Club.

Any kicker or punter selected in the Non-Import Draft must be selected in the first round. If a Member Club had a kicker or punter selected from its roster in the Non-Import Draft, such Member Club would be eligible to protect eight Non-Import players in the second round of the Non-Import Draft, instead of six.

Ottawa will then select one non-import player from each Member Club.


Member Clubs will then submit a second list of an additional six Non-Import players for protection

If a Member Club lost a Non-Import kicker or punter in the first round of the Non-Import Draft, such Member Club would submit two additional Non-Import player names for protection.

Ottawa will then select one non-import player from each Member Club.

The Commissioner will resolve any dispute related to player eligibility for the Expansion Draft process.


Ottawa will select in rounds one, two, three and four of the CFL Canadian Draft in the calendar year preceding the year it begins play, possibly 2012. It will select at the ninth position in each of the first four rounds and may only select Redshirt Juniors from the NCAA. Ottawa will be able to select a maximum of four underclassmen (NCAA) in that CFL Canadian Draft.

Ottawa will have the first pick in every round of the CFL Canadian Draft in the calendar year in which it begins play, possibly 2013. That provides Ottawa with the:

  • First overall selection

  • 10th overall selection

  • 19th overall selection

  • 28th overall selection

  • 37th overall selection

  • 45th overall selection

  • Plus two additional picks at 55 and 56

Ottawa won't have any issues with their new ownership group. I wish we'd stop having to talk about it.
The ownership in Ottawa included the Gliebermans. If that doesn't say enough, I don't know what will.

It's a shame we have the FOL blowhards slowing process.

And if Jeff Hunt runs the team like he does the '67s, they shouldn't have too many problems developing support among young fans either. I remember a number of times when my kids' schools were given free tickets to games by the team, to be given out to students. They (and I) had a great time. Get 'em early enough, and they'll more than likely be fans later when they grow up.