Ottawa Franchise to be resurrected in 2010

Mar 20, 2008


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It might be later than 2010 when
the stadium and park development
gets done for the Ottawa franchise.

It looks as though the headline centers entirely on one paragraph in the article.

"While the CFL and the Hunt group might be eyeing 2010 as the date for the return of CFL football to the nation's capital, a source suggested that might be optimistic considering the number of hurdles that have yet to be cleared."

No sense in worrying about it now since there still hasn't been an announcement anyway. For all we know, the announcement might not even include a set year, just a statement to the effect that Hunt has a team when his group is ready.

The timeline on this was pretty specific and they're still on schedule. I dn't know what the problem would be, but I also don't know the procedure one has to go through to get a stadium built.

My CFL includes the Ottawa Rough Riders as it does for most others.

I'm glad to hear positive news in this area ,especially a strong owner leading a local group.

This also accents the need for a strong core of Canadian players,and drafting one every year rather than trading the pick ...expansion draft.

That's odd...The headline has changed on this article now. It no longer states that it might be later than 2010, but is now just a generic "Group seeks to bring CFL back to nation's capital". :?

That was the heading all along, CRF.

'Deal depends on revitalization
of stadium, park' was the sub-heading.

Maybe you jumped into the story the first time
and missed seeing the headline above it. :slight_smile:

800 LOL! It's 275KM from Montreal. Proximity isn't a problem. A Quebec City-Montreal rivalry is one of the best in sports and it would give the CFL much more press in both Montreal and QC. Viewership for those games would be anywhere from 400K to 500k making the RDS TV package roughly double in value.

Problem is finding 50million to build a minimal facility...

I remember talking to Ottawa fans at thier hall of fame and at the grey cup there back in 2004 and people complained Ottawa is way to fickle and is not a sports town! We here put down our fans down but OTTAWA fans always feel isolated because there is never much support.I would love to see a quebec city or a out east team who deserves it for the loving fans they have about football!

I question this.

I know that Laval gets great attendance and that there's a group from the Maritimes at Grey Cup. But aside from that, what evidence is there of great love for the CFL in either place?

Just recently, it appeared as though the stadium here was in jeopardy and people spoke in favour of retaining it large part for the sake of landing a team here again.

Where is this kind of "movement" (couldn't think of a better word) from all these great football fans in the Maritimes and Quebec? Opportunities have come up in either place to either build stadiums or increase the capacity of either one. It never happens. And I never hear a thing from football fans in either area speaking up for it.

And whenever there's the least whisper of a potential owner for either place, it seldom gets past a single mention before never being heard again.

I'm sure there are some people there who would love to see it. I'm just not convinced it's as widespread as it's assumed to be.

Incidently, about that group from out East at Grey Cups...

[i]Ryerson heads the events and has been attending Grey Cup weekend for 17 years. He said the Grey Cup committee in Ottawa asked him and his fellow Schooner fans (of "over a dozen") to throw a party in 2005.

Since then, The "Down East Kitchen Party" has been a part of the Grey Cup festivities...[/i]
Incidently, about that group from out East at Grey Cups...
"Ryerson says there's hope for an Atlantic team yet, likely based out of Moncton, and spoke to the commissioner of the CFL on Friday"

Moncton's new outdoor track and field staduim will be ready for 2010. It will seat 10,000 but will be expandable. My guess would be the Irvings or McCains will head up a CFL Franchise in Moncton in a few years. I have spoken to various Moncton officials who would love to have a team, but unfortunately we're not ready yet.


just reported on the fan 590 on the 11:40 sports update ottawa is to be awarded a conditional franschise as early as tommorrow (tuesday) cfl commoissiorner mark cohen is to be in ottawa tommorrow

Today’s announcement is great news. I’m looking forward to getting Winterpeg out of the East division. Once a team gets formed in the Maritimes we’ll indeed have a national league which should help fight off the evil Rogers Empire.

This premature to say it is great News
It is conditional Team
They have to get the rights to the Ball Park.
They have to Fix the Ball Park to Fit 24 or 25,000
They have come up with a Name.
they have to get people to buy in to new team.
They have to Hire a Staff and Draft a Team
They have to make it past the 1st 5 years of existence as a CFL Team .
As the 1st 5 years of a new Start up are the hardest
The Rens lasted 4 years and Died..

It will only be good news if they Make it past all these stages
Until then it Just words on Paper.

Ask me about this new CFL Team in 7 years.
If there here at all.
Until then Welcome back is premature to say

I do wish them Good Luck.

Tom, it sounds like you've got some off-season crankiness. There are no certainties in professional sports (except for MLSE continuing to hose Leaf fans) but today's announcement is at least a good step in the right direction. For that reason I'd call it good news. At least we aren't talking about losing a team.

Ottawa is a great sports town.

Sens avg 20,000
67s avg 7,000
Olympics avg 4500.

The lacrosse and soccer draw good numbers.The new baseball team is selling a good number of tickets.To add the wjc are 90% sold out.