Ottawa Franchise to be resurrected in 2010

Regardless of what SOME say, Ottawa BELONGS in the CFL, for many reasons.

In response to Syphon … YES, absolutely, just ONE League of 9 teams Competing for the Right to Win the Grey Cup. There are a MYRIAD of was to make it work. The MAIN POINT being … that the BEST TWO teams in the ENTIRE League REPRESENT the CFL in the Championship … thereby ELIMINATING the TOTALLY UNECESSARY Forced Pairing of an East versus West Final EVERY SINGLE FR-Eakin Year !!!


Yes, all fans deserve for lack of a better word, ownership that they feel confident in that is committed to the team and community. It's not just a sports thing, here's a team and everyone will come and watch, it's more than that in many cases. And really should be, it's a connection and as Canadians, we are concerned about connections to our community, this is important to many of us who aren't just using the community we live in as nothing more than a place to eat, sleep and work in. Some people see it that way but a lot of people see it otherwise.

Happy to see Ottawa is finally coming back. Everybody that know's anything about football knows that Ottawa will be a successful franchise run by the right people.
I don't think there is a team in the league that could have survived the ownerships that have paraded through Ottawa.

Ottawa! Glad to hear it! Now let's go after Halifax, Quebec City and dare I say London!!!

I would like the team to be named the Roughriders. Even though its stupid to have two teams with the same name in an 8-9 team league, I don't care. It's tradition, it's how it was. It will link this new franchise to the old one, even if only symbolically. That matters more than some people like to think.

I also agree that if the CFL is to keep expanding, the EastWest split should give way to something more like a tournament of the top six teams in a united league (no divisions). That format would work great, you could have teams in Ottawa, Quebec, Halifax and perhaps one more place. I'm thinking London, or maybe even K-W (heck maybe even Windsor?). I know its a long ways away, if ever, but I'd love to see a strong 12-team CFL representing the country as much as possible with a 6-team playoff tournament.

I'd love to see a 12 team CFL. All those cities listed could easily support a team, population wise. And it would be good for the CFL to expand its fan base!

Ottawa would be great if it "works"

On a side note Moncton will have a stadium before Halifax. Moncton officials take great pleasure from upstaging Halifax any time they can. :lol: Some feel Moncton would draw from Fredericton, Saint John, Miramichi and PEI. (I'm one of them) With the support they get for the the Wildcats (QMJHL) I can't imagine a CFL team not doing well.

I would be happy with Moncton or Halifax...

Guys wake up!!

In additon to no stadium, no potential owners, no potential ad revenue, no potential fan base, a much smaller population base that Ottawa.

Why Ottawa is logical and a no-brainer:
Here is a a group of rich business partners from Ottawa - they want to spend their money in OTTAWA not Quebec.

Ottawa has the highest salary base in Ontario -
There are 200,000 highly paid public servants living in Ottawa, also 60,000 high tech workers (best paid in the country)
Ottawa has just passed 1 Million people.
A 28,000 seat stadium that will be modernized - the city is committed to it (unlike other cities)

In its years of existence the Renegades were not suffering from lack of attendance - their attendance was higher than Hamiltons, Toronto's and Montreal's every year!!!
Everyone forgets the team folded not because of lack of attendance but becaue of poor leadership and owners that wanted a quick buck. This ownereship group is coming in because they know that there is a large hard core group of fans. Ottawa was still getting 18 - 20,000 fans through the losing years.
Do you remember the 15,000 at Ticat Games? and the 11,000 fans at the Sky Dome.
Quebec and Halifax are a gamble no-one knows if fans would come out to support a team.

Put a team in Quebec City or Halifax...........who is going to put a team there??? I haven't heard of an ownership group!!

Couldn't agree more mike.

The football stadium in Quebec City is called PEPS and it can hold 18 500.

don't you just hate it when people try to weigh in on a subject such as expansion and the only comment they can muster up is the apparently obvious one-"what a waste of time, should try to get into quebec city, ottawa will only fail again". actually that quote by onknight wasn't this easy to read, you actually have to insert your own words to have it make sense. hey tom, stick to your posts on something you can be insightful on.
this is great news for not only ottawa fans, but the cfl in general. this group will not fail with jeff hunt as the frontman.

city legend

Can you Guarantee the hunt Group Won't Fail in Ottawa.
No You Can't. Cause Even The Best Intentions Can Fail.

I would love to see Ottawa Make it
But Having a 9 Team league it makes things so uneven.

The CFL could wait till a Quebec city Team is ready

We are Better off having 10 Teams Ready.
This would Make more Since then Rushing back with Blinders on to Place Football Has Failed Two Times.

The CFL Board of Governors is making An Error .
But What Else is new.

I Say This Ottawa and Quebec city in 2015 or 2020.

Looks like this new local Ottawa ownership group has what it takes to run a successful CFL franchise. The 67's got turned around and the owner is well respected in the city.
Once the problem of the condemned side of the stadium is solved there's no reason it can't be full steam ahead.
The CFL needs Ottawa. When you have to re-draw the map of Canada to include Winnipeg as an Eastern team its getting pretty bad. Will the Tiger-Cats become a western team ( we are the western-most Eastern team once Winnipeg returns to the West) to even things up if Quebec City or Halifax also get a franchise?

Onknight, I don't mind the unbalanced schedule a bit. Whether it's balanced or not doesn't matter to me. Every team gets a bye week anyway. Doesn't the collective agreement require that?

I'd rather see them have a 16 game schedule though, 18 games is really long.

mr62cats, that will only become necessary if the CFL adds a 12th team some day, and all teams added are to the East of Hamilton. There’s room to expand to Ottawa, Quebec City, and Halifax, while keeping Hamilton in the east. I don’t even know if there’s a fourth location to expand to. Windsor was mentioned, and should they be granted a franchise, they’d be the westernmost Ontario team, and thus get placed in the CFL West division… but something tells me that won’t be a problem for a very long time! :wink:

yeah i like the idea of the east composing of-Halifax, QC, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton and the west being composed of- london, winnipeg, saskatchewan, edmonton, calgary and BC.

we go 3 Divisions with 12 Teams 4 in Each

EAST Halifax Montreal Quebec City Ottawa.
CENT London Toronto Hamilton Winnipeg
West Saskatchewan Edmonton Calgary BC

Top 2 Teams From Each Divison Make the Playoffs

Wild Card 2 Teams with the Best Record

This would give you 8 playoff Teams

As an often frustrated Ottawa fan, I appreciate the support shown on this thread. :thup:

When the Renegades arrived, I made a small promise to myself to try to enjoy it to its fullest. I soon got wrapped up in the CFL "commmunity" and consider the CFL to still have the most family-like fanbase. I tihnk those that don't grasp that concept are missing out.

When Hamilton and Toronto struggled at the gates, I made it a point to attend Renegade games in both cities. It was my "job" as a CFL fan, in my head. All told, I attended three 'Gades games in Hamilton and had a blast each time. Looking forward to my next one.

I love the idea of having Ottawa back.

Ideally I'd like to see the league get to 10 teams. I like the East-West playoffs and if we could have 5 teams in each division I'd like to keep it that way. (Although the one division, and the top 6 teams making the playoffs isn't a terrible idea.)

I think if a 10th team is going to pop up it will happen because Laval becomes even more popular. If their attendance continues to grow they'll keep expanding their stadium, and if it reaches CFL size, Quebec City could get a team. The Quebec government will never build a stadium, nor do I think Halifax or Moncton (or their provincial governments) would go and approve funding the building of a stadium.

Oh, and one final thought: someone mentioned Quebec City being in Montreal's restricted area. Quebec City is 800 km away from Montreal, they're plenty far apart. And it would be a GREAT labour day game. Instead of having to watch Montreal/BC cuz neither team has a natural rival to play that weekend.