Ottawa Franchise to be resurrected in 2010

Good news that they're coming back, was sad to see them leave.

What a Waste of Time
They Should working on Trying to Get Team in Quebec city .. Ottawa will only Fail Again.

This time it will work, Jeff Hunt wouldn't be on board if this ownership group even reeked a smidget of the Glieberguys or Chen.

I'd like to see Ottawa back in (as the Rough Riders) and then work on getting a team in Hamil... ooops Halifax.

Have to get Ottawa up and running again. I'm sick of having Winterpeg locked into a trumped-up Eastern Conference. It looks as if the League has picked the right guy to get it done; best wishes for a successful start-up. Maybe they can come up with a less idiotic team name than "Renegades". How about a new thread: Possible Ottawa Team Names?

I am ABSOLUTELY in support of adding Ottawa back into the fold, HOWEVER, when they do RESUME playing it should be in a REVISED, and IMPROVED League FORMAT ...

That is to say the CFL should ABANDON it's ANTIQUATED, ANACHRONISTIC Two Division set-up. To go back to the UNBALANCED 5 in one 4 in the other Divisional set-up is PURE FOLLY !!!

With the NEW Organization should come a NEW way to do things ... the EXPANSION back to Ottawa should be a HARBINGER for the dawn of a NEW CFL ... not just a REHASH of ALL the same OLD same OLD.

I have stated it before - the two Divisions HARKEN BACK to a day when the most EFFICIENT form of Travel was by TRAIN ... and news travelled by PONY EXPRESS.

The time is NIGH for the NEW COMMISH to bring this league into the 21st Century - and it should begin with the REVIVAL of Football in Ottawa.


Dan Rambo to head the new Ottawa operations.....just wait and see.

My guess anyways.

If the new franchise is part of the whole Lansdowne Park redevelopment that Ottawa has been talking about for several years now with condos, parks, shops, etc., I think it will be a big success. And this time, it looks like the guys behind it are legit local people with deep pockets.

An Argo-Cat fan

No Stadium
No group interested in financing
Inside Montreal's protected area

"Quebec City a waste of time"

Montreal has had all of Quebec for Too Long
It time we Gave a 2nd Team to Cheer For
Ottawa has Fail Twice why Risk a 3rd Time.
The league is Balanced now with the Schedule

I'd Rather Say 8 Teams then Bring Ottawa Back
There two Big a risk.

Just Say No to OTTAWA

Now, I'm not 100 per cent certain, but I don't believe that CFL teams have "protected areas." As such, there is no barrier to a team in Quebec City, which I think is a far better option than the tried and failed Ottawa.

I'm never clear on why people care if Ottawa ever sees a team again. They had two and both were failures. Even before the first team folded, they were an onfield disaster and hadn't posted a winning season for years and years. Combine that with financial instability and I think the message is clear: Ottawans don't care about football.

Fine, great. Good for them. Quebeckers do and I think it would behoove the league to move into fresh, willing markets as soon as reasonably possible. Besides, a Quebec City/Montreal rivalry would be a natural addition to the annual Labour Day Classics.

After Quebec, the league can than focus on further eastward expansion, bring the league to 5 East and 5 West teams.

Ottawa can be brought back into the fold after the stain of the Renegades has completely vanished, not unlike the disappearance and re-emergence of the Montreal Alouettes.

Nobody is saying, put a team there next week, but Quebec City is far better long term option than Ottawa. So where did this "Waste of time," talk come from?

On a side note: Meanstreak, what do you suggest as a reformat for the league? I'm really interested in how it would be arranged.

Would it be just an 8/9 team single group and standings determine the playoffs? Something more similar to English soccer, with a league trophy for best record and a seperate "Cup" tournament?

I think the CFL should look into new innovations as well, but I'm curious to see what you think is the best approach.


... would truly make this a coast to coast CANADIAN Football League

I for one am against this. Why should we give up some of our best players AGAIN just 'cause ottawa screwed up.

Hell, we're still rebuilding.

I think Richie Williams will be their starting QB, with Sacobie backing up.

I'd love to see the CFL return to Ottawa.

I understand full well that they have had issues and problems there, including bad owners, terrible management, poor teams, lousy marketing, among others. Fans get turned off by those things, especially when they happen repeatedly and in combination.

That doesn't mean though, that Ottawa is a bad place for the CFL to be. It has a 1 Million + population, good income levels, and-- most importantly-- a stadium.

It would be great to see teams in Halifax and Quebec City too, and I'm all for that. But neither has the population or income level that Ottawa has, and neither has a stadium. I don't see governments (federal or provincial) lining up to build them either. Heck, even in Hamilton, where we have a team and a committed owner with deep pockets, talk of a possible new stadium to replace the charming but ancient Ivor Wynne, runs aground for lack of government money to build one. If we have wait and hope for another opportunity to make a bid on, and win, an international event like the Commonwealth Games, we could be waiting a long time. How much bigger a stretch is it for Halifax or Quebec to hope for that when they have no current team or owner? JI Albrecht's death recently reminded me of his efforts to lead an expansion to Halifax years ago. It didn't happen... no government money = no stadium = no team.

If we can expand the CFL further some day, terrific. Until then, I'm delighted that Ottawa may get another chance.

I read a while back that plans were underway to upgrade a stadium in Quebec, but I don't know the status of this.

I would prefer that a second team in addition to Ottawa enter the league at the same time to allow for an even number of teams and better scheduling.

Otherwise, I am still glad to see Ottawa is coming back.

I wa a season ticket holder in ottawa the last 3 years they were in the league.(I am a ticat fan)and during those evil years they were still pulling in 16 -19 thousand people, more then the ticats at one time. With the proper people ottawa will flourish,with hunt on board it is quarrenteed.

The CITY of Ottawa did not fail,

three OWNERSHIP GROUPS failed.

The FANS did not fail either. [See below]

When Bob Young took over the Ticats
he told Ticat fans we owe him nothing

Bob Young made us feel that

better times were ahead for the team

and provided a good time at games.

He proved disillusioned fans will return

Jeff Hunt seems to be the right man
to follow that same path in Ottawa.


Their fans supported their team through
thirty years of mostly mediocre play,
few play off wins, and no championships

click here

and a core of fans supported the teams
of those three failed ownership groups.

Great post, RFTF. I agree with you on all counts. It's not the fans' fault the team's goodwill was destroyed; it was the owners and managers who failed them.

Super video link too. I remember many of those remarkable players and their wonderful contributions to Canadian football in the nation's capital. I hope we'll see it happen again before too long.