Ottawa Franchise Info!

A pretty good trove of info from the FAQ section of this article:

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And, guess what I wanna' call the team!

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Please No to Roughriders or Renegades.

Ottawa Outlaws or another new names
New Team time to start Fresh.
Those other Remind people of Failure

Rhouff Rhrydairs?

Horn Chen wouldn't let them use Rough Riders last time. But I think his rights to the name have expired due to inactivity.

So call them the Horn Chens.

As I understand it, Horn Chen does in fact own the name Rough Riders, and that has not lapsed. When they were called the Renegades, the new franchise looked at trying to get him to sell the name, but his price was too high. The new group has contacted him, according to the 67s site in the first post, and they know his price. Up to them to decide if it's worth it.

I don't know whether the Rough Rider name is more of a positive because of its tradition in Ottawa, or a negative because of association with recent failure. But I think the decision should be based on reaction to it in the Ottawa area, based on the market research the new ownership group conducts. I kind of like it, Onknight associates it with the failures, but we aren't Ottawa fans, and its their opinion (and ticket/ merchandise purchases)that counts.

Hi all;

Nice to see Ottawa getting back into the mix.

I’m still partial to the name “Rough Riders”

Ottawa Capitals would be another name that would be nice I think but the NHL team may have something to say about that.

My favourite road trip to a game was Ottawa so I’ll look forward to more…



Will Ottawa get a running start to their franchise by being allowed to have a negotiation list of players like all other teams,but in advance of them getting into the league?(as mentioned in a previous thread).
Anyone know how to contact the CFL commissioner to give him this suggestion?

after all the country wide bashing of having two teams with the same name and people saying that "rough
riders" is associated with failure, what the heck is renegades associated with? is this name that has no business being attached to the city of ottawa and its historic football past,any more successful than the name you keep putting down.
as i said before, it will forever be linked to 5 guys
from toronto who rigged the name the team contest and only stayed around long enough for the grey cup payoff.

that being said, i think mr.hunt and his guys will do the right thing this time around.

city legend