Ottawa Forum Name Change

This will be a good indicator if anyone in the CFL monitors anything here.

What is your over and under on changing Ottawa Renegades to Ottawa RedBlacks in the forum?

Lets say the number is 10 days: June 18. Over or Under?

I say under.

MRX has not put any effort in this forum in years. The league should be embarrassed.

bob young should be embarrassed

My bet is for over… and yes, for a league run site this is very amateurish.

I say MRX will NEVER do it.

Can't these moderators, who some think a few run around picking fights and make banning threats, make the change?

i'm betting it won't get changed this season.

Still hasn't changed yet. 7:38pm

No hurry!

...nope, sorry

Amateurish? Bob Young could buy every CFL team and then some if he wanted and still have loads of cash.

Fact is a discussion forum like this is like the horse and pony show in modern technology, heck I've heard some bands major bands don't even keep up a current website, but they do on Facebook and Twitter.

Discussion boards like this will go sooner than later the way of the dodo bird. It actually would look more pro for the CFL not even to have a discussion board, I don't think the NHL has one come to think of it.

This board really has only old farts like me and young farts that probably don't even know what Twitter means. :lol:

the NHL does.
i stumbled upon it while searching for something CFL releated and came across a thread at NHL's forums discussing the latest CFL jerseys, back when they were being unveiled prior to last season.

I don't see it on Prove me wrong dg... I will man up if you do.

Really? check out MMA's biggest forum. over 100 000 posts a day sometimes over 10 000 an hour ! Discussion forums haven't been displaced they are part of the picture. Even the Riderfans forum is more active than this one. This place is a black eye to the league. It would take 30 seconds from the control panel to change the Renegade name on the Ottawa board. Its total neglect and lack of professionalism.

Well, it's changed. I lost that bet. Lol
Now they just have to add their logo to the ones at the top of the page.

yay....proved us wrong
well done

Ok, you have a point there Hf will admit, maybe discussion boards will be staying around if that's the case. But man what do they talk about? I don't get that but have to admit, not a site I will likely ever want to visit, not a big fan of that scene.

Just noticed it's been changed.When was RedBlacks officially announced? Yesterday. Seems fairly current to me then. :wink:

And you said wrong.

Too bad I didn't bet you. . .

I bet bob young did it.

WHY?? would Bob Young be embarassed? the Ottawa forum name was changed the same day the "Official" announcement was made that the name was "RedBlacks" Did you want them to change it months ago when it was just a rumour?

How about an apology to Bob Young? without Mr Young there would be only 7 teams in the CFL right now