Ottawa forum for Lansdowne Park

Hey everyone,

The City of Ottawa is making some attempt at public consultation over the future of Lansdowne Park, including whether or not that future includes a stadium or the CFL.

Until now, there's been a lot of comments from people in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, NIMBYs all complaining about noise, traffic, and the tragic lack of tiny produce markets in their neighbourhood. The stadium and pro football are exceedingly low on their list of priorities.

Now I know most of us don't live in Ottawa, but we still love the CFL and want to see it alive and well, with teams and cities benefiting from new stadium projects. Should we let the NIMBYs have their way?

Sign up, and lets make sure the CFL fans have their say.

Much appreciated, but be careful that it doesn't come off as trying to stuff the ballot boxes. You might do more harm than good. One person already complained about how "outsiders" could be influencing this. Of course, he happens to be on the losing side. :wink:

The highest-rated comments are all either pro stadium or from pro stadium people. The councillors that are pushing hardest for the stadium to be retained and rebuilt are quite pleased with how this is going, sa well as their other attempts to prove support for this project.

Truly though, I appreciated the offer to help. :thup:

Boy how long are the politicians going to drag out this baby?

All part of due process I suppose, trying to keep everyone satisfied that they had a say in this.

But now Toronto has an NFL team, well in a little bit of a way, you have to think Ottawa wants "at least" (don't know how else to say this but don't mean it as a put down, actually a compliment really) a CFL team again and a chance to host the Grey Cup and party, football style. This is one thing the CFL has going for it, it is an attainable pro sports goal unlike most other big pro leagues.

It's not bad. They found cracks in August and the discussion phase I think ends in late March. The winning design will be known by this time next year. For politicians, I consider that pretty good in light of the size of the project.

Beyond that, the FIFA U20 tournament was partly held here and the Stones had a show in that stadium in 2005. It's those kinds of events that we're trying to point to to illustrate why a full stadium is necessary. You don't want to come off as just a fan who'll say anything to get his team back or you have no credibility.

Some of the folks in that neighborhood though see it as an opportunity to demolish the stadium and have some nice, quiet parkland. They don't like the traffic that comes with such events, or football, and want it gone, but they draw little sympathy from anyone outside the area because the stadium's been there for decades. Don't move across from a church then complain about the bells. :roll:

I hear ya CRF. I guess it depends on how much clout the locals have with the politicians.

They're only one neighborhood and there are 23 (I believe) councillors. They can only do so much, thir guy only gets the one vote.

There are two councillors that are anti-stadium (Hume/Doucet), two that are very much pro (Monette/McRae), and the mayor is totally pro. Anyone sitting on the fence can be swayed by public comments and so far, the stadium crowd seems well ahead.

Anyone here from the Ottawa area who wants to help can write to their councillor and explain that they are pro stadium. I also have a batch of postcard which say "My Lansdowne include a revitalized stadium". I'm willing to mail them out to anyone who wants some to pass around and return to Mr Monette.

Nice to be on the winning side for a change. :?

Tell the anti-stadium people I'll take them out for dinner, well a couple of them anyways, if they change their tune and vote for the stadium, and I'll travel up from Hamilton for the odd 'Gades (name?) game and wave flags for the football fans to be quiet so as not to disturb the locals. :wink:

In Hamilton in the neighbourhood where the stadium is, the noise factor isn't so much an issue, well, I don't live near the stadium but just speculating. :wink:

Hey CRF, you should get in there and utilize the Delphi Technique for consensus. Was just reading about this lately, manipulative but apparently it works. :wink:


If Asper's bid in Winnipeg fails. He should look to Ottawa for a team. And maybe even save the stadium. I don't think he will be successful in Winnipeg.

I now kind of wish I was more knowledgeable about his proposal. Is there a nice recap somewhere?

I wonder if Katz's deal with the Oilers in Edmonton, while different of course then Aspers but still with money for a new stadium, might have some effect on what could go down in Winnipeg with the Bombers and stadium/complex, I don't know.