Ottawa first preseason game at "HOME" in REGINA!

Ottawa REDBLACKS first preseason game is June 14th in Regina, and are designated the HOME team for their first pre season game. A little kharma playing the team that stole our name I'd say!! :wink: Second away preseason game the following weekend in Montreal!

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Can't wait!

It will be different seeing the team playing the riders on the Home side of the field. Should be a fun day.

So do Saskatchewan fans have to buy a ticket to this “road” game that isn’t covered in their seasons ticket package? :?

Hopefully they’ll sell tickets at an inexpensive price to allow lots of kids go to the game and maybe donate the proceeds to a good charity that operates in both Regina and Ottawa and split the proceeds.

Also a good play on the two previous teams with the same name.

So will the fans have to give Burris a break since he'll be the "home" QB?

I know the Roughriders were talking a while ago about a pre-season game in Saskatoon, but they didn't want to give up their game at Mosaic Stadium. The original thought was to have another team host the Riders in Saskatoon. It may be a bit far fetched, but this "away" game could be part of the Rider season ticket package while the "home" game is sold separately for a Toon Town game.

The main reason they didn't want to give up their date at Mosaic is because it is 30k tickets of revenue... Ottawa's game in Regina will probably go to Ottawa's coffers, so the Riders would still be giving up revenue to put a game in Stoon. Unless Ottawa is giving the Riders a sizeable cut...

I would guess there would have to be some split of the gate considering the Riders would be paying for all the staffing that goes with a gameday. Can't imagine they'd be on the hook for all of that.

My assumption was that Ottawa would get the net receipts from the game; the Riders wouldn't really make any profit from holding it, other than perhaps some merch sales or something club-related.

I imagine Ottawa and Saskatchewan will split the ticket sales. Ottawa will have expense of bringing a large roster to Regina for maybe two nights plus trying to cover some TC expenses. The Rough Riders will need some of the sales to cover their game day expenses. That game may be televised seeing it will be the new teams first game. I know I would be very interested in seeing it.

Good on Ottawa and Sask for doing this, IMO a solid plan to ensure that TD Place is given enough time to be ready.

What's Hamilton's back-up plan ? The Dome ?

The Dome make sense if you are expecting a decent crowd. I frankly would like to see them do one more in Guelph just to say thank you to Guelph and to give the Univeristy an East Division Champ banner or something to commemorate last season.

Careful... If Ottawa splits things with the Rough Riders, there's going to be time-travel involved (Rough Riders = Ottawa's former team, Roughriders = Saskatchewan).

Not trying to be a dick, I just have a feeling we might start seeing more and more of this mixing of names in the near future.

Shame they arn't having it just a tad closer to Ottawa. Richardson Stadium here in Kingston would have been perfect; or it might have been a good chance to test the waters and grow the league in Quebec City by playing at Laval.

I think the idea was to have them play a long way from home for the pre-season. Opening at home for the pre-season would take away from the excitement and build up to the season opener.
There is a new football stadium at Careleton that they could have used.

This makes sense. I also wonder if Saskatchewan sold them on the idea as even pre-season games there bring in strong gates.

I would have tried to attend either one of those and yes, it would have been nice to sell the CFL and team to Kingston a bit.