Ottawa finallly better at home. It's about time

Let's hope that this is not a one shot performance. I don't think so, the guy looked great., but you never know.

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He did look excellent. But so did the whole team pretty much. It's possible that Edmonton was just that weak. The players sure seemed pumped up and confident, though. I hope that carries over into the next game.

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I hope they are for real, too. Much better for the league. (And secondarily, my EE look slightly less pathetic, then.)

Love that avatar


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Thanks, me too. Now we have to get OSEG to bring back the ORR uniforms with the Redblack R with no sawblade. Would still be the Redbalcks logo but would also look like the Rough Riders. I'm a traditionalist.

I like the sawblade logo, but I also would like to see just the R on the helmets for special games, like Labour Day or Thanksgiving Day matches.

Evans played GREAT!
BUT like you said, the whole TEAM showed up as well. OLine (with a borrowed Argo player) gave him time to throw. When Oline broke down he ran with authority and upfield not sideways LOL
then our defence played better with more rest rather than our regular 2 and out offence. And finally what can we say about special tems with Ward and Leonne solid as usual and Deadmon???? 4 touchdowns in 11 games????

now we sit on 2nd place in the east while Edmonton is last in the west :thinking: :laughing:

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If they do the same thing against the Argos next week then they are for real. Let's hope so. It's been painful to have season tickets for the past two seasons.

And it looks like maybe we'll see this for the Oct 6 game in Toronto.

That would great !