Ottawa fans are pathetic

The Renegades are not my team of choice, but I just want to add in my two cents here. Everyone should recognize that I jump all over generalizations by now, and this is no exception. Ottawa fans are not pathethc - it's the attendance at the home games that is in question here. I don't think any team has pathetic fans - it's the attendance numbers that are "pathetic". It's minor, I know, but if I was a Gades fan, I'd be taking exception to the subject heading.

duly noted

Exactly, we have been putting up with the CFL’s mismanagement of the Ottawa franchise for 20 - 25 years now. The fans are waiting to see what direction this franchise is headed for. Last year was a joke with the way the team and their bean counter John Lisowsky, mis- treated EricTillman. Quote from today’s Ottawa Citizen " He (Lisowsky) brazenly declared his prioriites, infamously telling Tillman that, if it was a choice between breaking even and losing every game, the Renegades would lose every game." When the fans see a team like the Renegades getting rid of guys like Eric Tillman and hiring cost cutting accountants as GM,s like Lisowsky,it turns the fans off. Lisowski let go all of the Renegades free agent canadians and had no season ticket drive during the off season. No wonder fans aren’t taking this team seriously. This is why there are only an average of 17,000 fans per game. Ottawa fans are tired of the B.S., Other cities have not put up with as much crap.

With this sort of stuff going on, I think 17,000 is excellent and shows there is a real fan base there in Ottawa. I am sure things will turn around this time in due time.

I don't know how can 17,000 can be considered great for a football game. All I'm saying is that the Renegades have showed to be an exciting young football team with players like Joseph and Ranek, and their attendance is still abysmal. So at what point will fans start to show? When it gets colder in Ottawa? When the team wins a few games in a row?

how many you want? I'll make some calls

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With the comish wanting a franchise in Halifax I think he should focus first on getting Ottawa on its feet. And im kind of "angry" (for lack of a better word) at the Ottawa fans for holding a grudge against the Gleiberman people. It's over and done with. You have to focus on the present and the bright future the Renegades have ahead of them.

And don't forget that the only Championship and Playoffs Ottawa football fans have been able to see in the past 18 years was when the Gee Gees won the Vanier Cup in '01. Years of terrible football teams and bad ownerships cough Gliebermans cough that people have turned away. The day a winning football team arrives in the Capital will be the day you'll see packed houses at Frank Claire.

Well....have to say.....i have to agree for the most part that no team has pathetic fans.......except.......the NY Rangers....yep, truly pathetic,drunken,loudmouthed,obnoxious,uneducated,rude,(did i say drunken?)morons who wouldn't know a puck from a duck (deep breath) i feel better now.

I beleive real fans are measured by supporting their team threw the good times and bad times. The rest I would consider the wind driven wagon jumpers and not worthy of the "team fan handle".

As long as the Glieberman's manage their team better, it'll take some time for the fans to return. Best example is the Lions, it took a good owner and about 6 years to get the Lions back to respectability in the CFL.

Hang tough Gades. It'll work out.

I agree, Lionsbacker - but it's gotta be done right.

I'm convinced that if the Gliebermans hadn't stepped in, this would be Ottawa's last year in the league - IF they were in this year at all.


The Gliebermans have money, and they love football, but they need to hire some good football and marketing people who know Ottawa fans, and STAY THE HECK (edited by CFL staff) OUT OF THE WAY!!

Yes ! Re-hiring Eric Tillman, he is the reason the Renegades have a lot of solid new players and has a proven record. He brought in Joseph, Banks, Ranek, Armstead, Peterson and on and on. ARE YOU LISTENING LONIE, FORREST and Bernie ? Stay out of the way, but, thanks for saving the franchise.

Even in the Ottawa Rough Riders glory days, when there were local blackouts!!!, when they were packing the house, there were times when attendance figures were in the 17,000 range. But never below that.

I think Rod Bryden (Ottawa Senators' owner) said it best when he stated that Ottawa will always be a tough sell with all the Government funded free (or subsidized and therefore cheap) entertainment this City has to offer(Canada Day, great Museums, free RCMP Sunset Musical rides, skating on the canal, etc., etc., etc.,). That's just one of the pitfalls we have to deal with living in the Capital which welcomes tourists and locals with open arms.

We will always have 17,000 die-hard fans at the minimum.
And Lonnie G. is considering this a re-birth of the franchise and only expects an average crowd of 18,000. He stated recently that he understands what the football fans of this city have gone through these last 25 years. He is actually happy at the attendance figures so far.
Funny thing though, you should hear the fans complaining on the radio waves about the fact that the Sask-Ottawa game will not be on TV.
It seems like there's a lot of interest, but I guess we have a lot of couch potatoes here who want to watch the NON-BLACKED OUT HOME GAMES in front of their plasma TV's and home entertainment systems.
Get off your butts. Who knows, maybe if they watch enough Rens on TV they might get hooked and actually go to a game.

Go Dish Out Some Capital Punishment You Thieving Renegades Bastards Go!!

REALLY - Who the heck (edited by misses a football game for a great museum? or this fruity free RCMP sunset musical ride … ??? Wait - “Skating on the Canal” don’t even conflict with the CFL season …

Sounds like a bunch of lame excuses to me. With that reasoning - there should be even more $$$$'s in the pockets of Ottawians (?) to goto the Renegade games …

GOTO The games - or lose your team … AGAIN.
I have to agree - Garbage fans in Ottawa.


Think we'll lose our hockey team too like you did Statik76?
Ouch, that must hurt. :cry:

Sorry, but don't call us garbage.
Go fog your mosquitoes.
Fog Off!

Come get some Capital Punishment Sucka!

You can’t call the fans garbage. It’s the attendance that’s bad not necessaraly them.

That hurt… Us people here in Winnipeg havn’t recovered from that yet. Be happy you have a hockey team.

Sorry milkman, but maybe you should reign in your fellow Bomber fan (Statik76) for calling us Ottawa fans "garbage", and for mocking us for losing our team the first time. Do that and I'll gladly take back what I reluctantly said in the first place.

Calling us "garbage" is personal. And personally, I construe that statement as having come from all Bombers fans.

I live in Calgary …


I live in Calgary …

Sorry. :wink: