Ottawa fans are pathetic

After seeing the home crowds that the Renegades have been getting to their games this season. I have to say that Ottawa needs to wake up and start supporting their team. They got about 19,000 to the home opener, and have gotten an average of like 17,000 for their past 2 games. Those are arena crowds, not stadium crowds. I mean, the Renegades have been playing competitively all season, and are fielding a more than decent team so far. Why the fans aren't showing up is beyond me?? I know a lot of people aren't to keen on the Gliebermans, but they look comitted to the team until proven otherwise. I'd hate to see what the crowds would look like without that $99 season ticket sale. And Ottawa fans wonder why their team folded before! I can't say that cities like here in Toronto or Hamilton are perfect either, as we look back a couple seasons ago, but when they see stable ownership and a half decent team, the fans come out. It doesn't seem to be that way in Ottawa. I can't generalize, beacuse i know there are some die-hard CFL fans in the city, but the majority certainly isnt there.

The weather has been terrible is one thing. Being from Calgary, I recently experienced the flooding in June, and the rain the caused it then was coming down nowhere nearly as hard as it was in Ottawa on the day of the Stamps vs. Ottawa game - puddles formed almost instantaneously, and the lawn was flooded in minutes. It has rained before pretty much every Ottawa home game. Now, you may call them wusses (I wouldn't), but how are they to know whether or not the game is cancelled (like the Blues fest was that night, with Alexisonfire).

Also, the Glieb's promotion with the Mardi Gras undoubtedly alienated a strong number of people. They may have attracted some guy or maybe a buddy or two, but they may have scared off a family of four or five at the same time. Not to mention probably some women who didn't want to be harassed by some arseholes in the stands.

Finally, it's always like that in Ontario. Argos won the cup in '97, and it took them what, 7 years to have a game with more than 30 000 people in attendance?

Yeah but the Argos attendance is on the rise. Averaging almost 30K a game, and we had 37000 at last year's playoff game. Hamilton is also averaging nearly 30K a game too.

Sorry dude but after 3 games Toronto is averaging 22692

Also Hamilton and Toronto have to compete with the Superbowl Choke Artist across the border. Besides like it was mentioned both attendances are on the rise.

Where are you getting your numbers from? Because the Argos have only played 2 games in total at home. Also we had over 30,000 in the B.C game. And I did not see the SSk game, but to make your numbers work, we would have to of had about 14,500 at that game. Positive we broke 30k both game.

According to, here are the average attendances so far:

Toronto: Averaging 28,465 after 2 home games
Ottawa: Averaging 17,603 after 3 home games (I agree, it's pathetic, come ON Gades fans, support your team!)
Hamilton: Averaging 28,362 after 2 home games
Montreal: Averaging 20,202, just like every other year
BC: Averaging 28,362 after 2 home games
Edmonton: Averaging 37,184 after 2 home games
Calgary: Averaging 34,877 after 2 home games
Saskabush: Averaging 23,244 after 2 home games
Winnipeg: Averaging 23,291 after 3 home games

I guess the Gade fans aren't happy with a developing team. The Renegades may have started slow but now you can see a rise in quality and talent. The Renegades are a competitive team now and why fans aren't showing up is beyond me.

I included the preseason at 11,000

I agree with you Hitman, Ottawa does not deserve the up and coming Gades. In Kerry Joseph, the team has one of the best QB's in the league. Ronek is a great RB. It seems to me the fans or the hardcore thats left can't be blamed, but the wagon jumpers have the same mentality as here in the "Center of the Universe" as wanabee Americans. Whatever the excuse, can't blame the Gleibs as they were the only ones to step up with their money. Isn't this the same thing with the Sens as no one from the city stepped up and it took a Toronto guy to buy. I say move them to QC, I am sure they could make due with temporary seats at Laval?

I think we might need a maritime team. Quebec already has the Als. If you position a maritime team right you could get fans flocking in from everymaritime provine and maybe quebec and who knows, the states? Eventhough I'd hate to see the team leave Ottawa. We need another team to even it out at 10.

The tank hails from Manitoba, went last year to see the bombers in Ottawa...great fans in my section....crowd of 24000 not bad.
But if Newfoundland had a team we can call it "The Cod Riders" or
we could call them the Screaming Lobsters...or the Gander Jets...
No, I think we need another team called the Riders.....

I think that the Ottawa fans are being cautious after some poor ownership over the past years. It is unfortunate that no well heeled people in the city or from the city want to invest in the team. But the Gliebermans want to correct their mistakes and make the Gades a great franchise. Also the fans would like to see that the Gades are competetive enough to make the playoffs.
Lets cut the fans a bit of slack here. This organization is on the way up and it may take a few years but this franchise will be fine. I think the Gliebermans will show a lot of people in Ottawa or who are from Ottawa that the Gades are a team they might have wanted to invest in.
And its tough, also, when you have a good hockey team like the Sens in town, the Gades are battling with sports fans for the entertainment dollar and the Sens are a legitimate contender whereas the Gades haven't been.

ro1313... you can't count the 11 000 people crowd for the Argos' preseason game, because this one was played in Halifax. The stadium couldn't hold more people, and these weren't really just Argos fans anyways.

Give the Ottawa fans a little time and they'll come out. They have a very exciting team this year and the fans of the city will realize it soon enough.

Remember, this is a team that has not performed well the last couple of years and they had to endure this whole ownership circus all off-season. Plus, they're no longer reporting falsely inflated attendance numbers (so they say).

You're right I forgot the game was played in Halifax

Chill people.
Whoa Whoa S.T. on moving our team out of Ottawa Argotom. I say mind your own business and we'll get this baby back on track. It would be a shame for the birthplace of the Grey Cup (and The Stanley Cup) to be out of the league again. I remember (when I was growing up in the '60's) listening to the commentators and CFL pundits dissing Toronto and B.C. for not supporting their teams. At least we never had attendances in the 5,000 range. You guys only survived because of TV advertising in a big market during games.
We'll take care of our politics.

Go You Thieving Renegades Bastards Go!!!

Woah…ive got to give props to hamilton fans!

I'm with Supersmith. Gade's attendance will pick up. The novelty of a new team has worn off. Its going to take some hard work for the Glieberman's to get the fans back. A winning team will help. Adding another marquee player would help. And working on the half time show (what half time show?) would be good as well. Building linkages with amateur football in the area. Attracting more fans from Gatineau (tall order). More Bank Street game day restaurant and beer promotions. Updating the web site. It will all come together, but the team has to have a 3-5 year marketing and development plan. I've got tickets for five more home games, so I'm doing my part.

Ranek Rocks!!!

I think you would be surprised of the people in Ottawa who are still pissed off at the old Rough Riders organization, and it will take some good convincing to get them back. Am I correct ?