Ottawa fans are classless

No call for this. Here’s hoping Calgary blows them out next week.

Disgusting bunch

Punk team and punk fans!

Dylan is a great kid (young man) and member of this site. very unfortunate and classless indeed from a fanbase that prides themselves on being one of the league’s finest.

I hope their management addresses this.

Apparently they were all livid at the stadium when Rose got ejected and even saluted him on the way out.

I hope Rose has to sit the Grey Cup. Should have had another 15 tacked on for UR - grabbing a players facemask (didn’t see who it was) after he shoved the ref.

Agree. I think the player he facemasked was Mathieu Girard

My brother lives in Ottawa and has stopped going to games because of the drunken behaviour of the fans there.

Nothing will be done or said because of course they are Ottawa, the shiny perfect franchise that can do no wrong.

I wonder what they feel the consequence should be when you knock over a ref?

Maybe they didn’t realize that happened. There were a lot of bodies in the vicinity.

I guess they’ve confirmed what a garbage franchise they are… can we go back to 8 teams?

Apparently I was sitting in the only section of well-behaved Ottawa fans today.

We shouldn’t lump all RB fans into one.
They are a passionate group, not so different from us.
I am sure most of them would agree, that what occured was the unacceptable actions of a few.

This Grey Cup is going to suck. I can’t stand either organization.

At least there will be lots of wings and nachos to distract me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was at the game in Ottawa and furious . We were outcoached, outprepared in all facets of the gsme from the beginning to end. I have to put most of the blame on June Jones for being so ill prepared in all facets of the game and outcoached before and during game. I have no voice left cheering them and felt myself that I drove 5 hours to the game put more effort into this game than the team did. This was an inexcuseable display of football. June Jones why would you dress db’s cooper and leonard and not use them and once again chose not to start Sinkfield who provides world class speed and past CFL experience and successs. But once again stary Mcdaniel who had 1 short reception late in the game. It is absolutely mind boggling. Masoli was not given a good receiving corps but that does not excuse his 3 critical interceptions that were essentially thrown right to redblacks dbs while Trevor Harris was having a field day with almost a 100 % completion rate with 6 tds. His receivers were open all day long and were constantlty on the better half of mismatches. Too often linebackers were trying to cover Ellingson, Sinopoli and others and are dbs especially johnson and f.williams , umamba, and daley were beaten soundly with yards of seperation. This game and effort was so dissapointing. You know this isn’t the Dallas Cowboys we were playing today but we sure made harris and ellingson and the Ottawa coaching staff look all world. This was an absolute embarassment and the team should reimburse those of us that drove 5 hours to support them. I must say Ottawa fans were friendly and first class to us as we interacted with very many of them. The stadium was very nice and the fans were loud and supportive. The Ottawa fan base is quite young that bodes well for the future of the team unlike the ticats aging fan base. I had the beautiful always smiling Ottawa cheerleaders in front of me all game and they created pyramids leading cheers about going to the grey cup as the game unfolded. I watched in envy of how happy excited the fans were about once again being treated to the third Grey Cup appearance in 4 years.Ottawa outclassed us in all categories from their beatiful stadium to young friendly and loud fan base to their beautifull cheerleaders to which we have none. I was in envy of their team and organization from top to bottom. I was also ashamed of,embarrassed , angered and felt let down and ripped off. I feel this mostly falls on June Jones and the coaching staff an Scott Mitchell for allowing the quality of the organization to slide with an aging fan base, no cheerleaders, no hosting of a grey cup since 1996 and of course allowing the football product fail to reach the low standard that was set. We lost to Ottawa 4 times this year and we got comppletly destroyed today when it reaĺly counted showing no preperation, no fight or will to win. All us Ticats fans that went to Ottawa were sadly disappointed and felt embarrassed and slighted and we had to watch how a good team is run and a great Organization conducts itself accross the board .Shame on you Ticats players, coaches and organization.

That was quite the long rant Gerbear. ;D

That seems obvious, doesn’t it.

You are right Krisiun. What were your thoughts on the game and how the Ticats performed?

They are scattered all over the board. :wink:

really ::slight_smile:

To most, yes. Not so sure about some of the early posters on this thread.

Here here good post !