Ottawa expansion draft

According to yahoo article, some teams did well while others did poorly in protecting players. Winners are Winnipeg and B.C. Neutral are Calgary, Toronto and Edmonton. Losers are Hamilton, Saskatchewan and Montreal. Of course, the big winner is Ottawa.

Winnipeg protected most of their players by leaving 23 of them as free agents. Meant they only needed to protect the other 25 to 30. And as they could protect 17 right off the bat, and another 6 in the third round, that didn't leave much for Ottawa to pick from. No surprise that they ended up selecting an upcoming free agent in the third round.

The team that surprised me was Saskatchewan. They also had a mittful of unsigned players, but still lost two non-imports off the d-line. So unless they were planning on switching over to an all import d-line, I really don't get how they could have left them unprotected. I can see losing one, but after the first one was taken, why didn't they limit the impact by protecting the other one for the third round? Maybe they figured they didn't need the backup once they had lost the starter?

As for Hamilton, they lost a backup-to-the-backup runningback (no big deal), their starting fullback (I suspect Austin has a replacement already in mind), and their starting centre (on the downside of his career, and lots of depth at the position). I'm thinking we got off OK.

According to Taman, once they lost Shologan they decided that they were going with an import in that position thus leaving Evans unprotected. We have too many good players to protect them all. While it hurts losing Shologan, I think we made out pretty good. The real challenge will be trying to sign our FA's.

As I suspected.

What does that mean for Foley as the only non-import defensive lineman left?

Traded to Ottawa to be with his buds? :smiley:

Nope. Still have Levi Steinhaur who is a non Import.

little Ricky "REDBLACK"!!!!!! Hmmmmmm.......does have a ring to it!!!!! Only thing is with that is......does Area51 become a REDBLACK fan if that happens????? :lol: :slight_smile: :roll:

Right. Missed him on the roster because he ended up after the kickers when sorted by position.

Let's find a way to get him too. :thup:

Even with them going import with the two DT starting spots having a Canadian DT as the rotation guy is huge. It allows for a DI at other positions much thiner with Canadian talent RB, DB, DE. So I am not really sure that was the reason why Evans was unprotected. Probably thought that since they got Sholo as a starting Canadian DT that they would not take Evans knowing that they (Ottawa) would be thinking we have a stud Canadian DT and could go with two import DTs start 8 canadians and not use a DI spot on the DT spot and gives them breathing room for some creative ratio balancing if needed.
Many teams like have 8 Canadian Starters for this reason.
With much more Canadian talent and depth it can be done on a regular basis

When there were 8 teams