Ottawa @ Edmonton

Usually I’d say, Go Esks! But tonight I’m gonna say, Let’s try not to get 30 penalties called against us tonight. Do that and I’ll be happy.

pls bring back Mike Reilly

He's injured.

I am hoping Nichols can rise to the occasion.

0-5... If Nichols struggles early, I wanna see Franklin.

I totally agree. Short chain for Matt.

Injured Reilley>> Nichols

Defense looking slow

If they aren’t gonna tackle, then just roll out the red carpet for Ottawa. :roll:

Still early . I think Nicols will be fine if not then time to move him out.


Pressure on Burris and a pick six. The defence shows up. Congrats, boys. :thup:

What a silly rookie-like mistake by Henry Burris to throw that ball..

You might be in luck EE fans!vLooks like some of “Bad Hank” travelled west to Edmonton. Instead of eating the ball he decides to give you points.

Looks like the D heard me curse them out. Sack on Burris, and we get the ball back. Now we just need Nichols to show up.

Looks like Eddie wanted to say "hi" to Hank! :smiley:
EE your D can help you pull this one out if they continue to show up.


Nicholls and Bowma get the job done!

Bit of a slow start, but the team looks like its finally getting it together. And best of all, no penalties yet.

Hopefully this can Nichols breakout game. He looked good on that last drive.