Ottawa Draft Picks

I know there are numerous other threads on this topic, not knowing exactly which one to go with as they have various titles none draft specific, at least from the ones I see. I started a new one.

I don't know 100% who is a free agent so if anyone has that info please add it.

Since Ottawa gets to pick 1 Kicker and 2 Quarterbacks and if they pick a kicker off a team they can't take a quarterback, here are my picks.

Kicker - Rob Maver - Calgary has two, teams with a kicker doing punts and placekicks pretty much get a free pass. Maver is the obvious choice giving Calgary a Get Out of Jail Free Card for their quarterbacks

Quarterbacks - Assuming that the Qb on each team that was highest on the depth chart in the most recent game is the protected Qb. Also assuming that Burris gets a pass due to his age. Ottawa will not take Free Agents leaving Collaros out. I don't think that as of today any of Winnipegs Qb's will be considered. That leave us:


My picks out of this list would be Nichols and Willy but I admit to likeing green.

Please feel free to add to the list, if anybody knows if any of these are free agents please let me know.

If Calgary happens to leave Sinopoli unprotected (unlikely, but you never know), it's almost a given that they select him in the first non-import round. He wouldn't count as a QB, but could be used as one. And as he was Gee Gee, it could be a good marketing move. I can see them trying to trade for him, or at least going after him as a free agent down the line.

Or is he going to be a free agent this year?

I actually think there is not a snowballs chance in Winnipeg that Calgary protects Sinopoli. The second round teams can only protect 6 non-impords, the chances of Sinopoli being one of those 6 are slim to none and Slim and None were just seen liaving town together. Since non-import recievers are a dime a dozen in the CFL, I can't see Sinopoli being one of Calgary's protected guys.

Just off the top of my head 6 guys that will be protected ahead of Sinopoli are: Cornish, Jones, Arthur, Wilson, Bergman and Parker. Add Chevrier, Tsoumpas, Mace, Fraser, Wilson, the list goes on.

I do like your thoughts about Sinopoli going home, I think that could happen for sure.

A guy I'm curious about is John Delahunt in Hamilton. I just have no real idea where he is on he pecking order. Judging from the depth chart alone, you'd think the Ti-Cats would want to hold on to him, but you can only protect so many, so...

Being a Fullback I would say that his chances of being one of the 6 Protected players are slim unless your a star like Cornish. I think it is far more likely that teams are going to be protecting O linemen and defense. I would guess that few WR's and few RB's will be protected.

That's kind of what I was hoping. the only thing causing me doubt is that he's young and Diedrick listed behind him is going to be 35 next year.

When he played out here (and I believe at Conencticut), he was a tight end. He might be a clever little grab for Ottawa if the opportunity presents itself. But I'm sure Hamilton is aware of all that.

I would agree that the Stamps are more than likely going to lose Maver but I also think that they shouldn't count on that and need to carefully consider who they want to protect among the quarterbacks. Ask me the same question two weeks from no and I might have a different answer. I think it comes down to protecting either Tate or Mitchell and based on track record, Tate could be too fragile. My opinion could change if he comes off the bench and leads Calgary to a Grey Cup.

I don't see Glenn being one of Ottawa's two picks at Qb, but I would count out him ending up in Ottawa by some other route, maybe through a trade.

Nichols is a FA in February

I could actually see them protecting him. I posted this rather off-the-wall prediction on who the Ticats might protect, with my reasoning. I know it means we’d probably lose one of our NI OLs, but we have a fair bit of depth there and could afford it.