Ottawa dispersal draft?

If by chance Ottawa goes out of business and the CFL doesn't want to keep Ottawa alive, any guess as to how players might be drafted possibly? One guess is that the draft order may be 1 Hamilton, 2 Winnipeg, 3 Saskatchewan, 4 Calgary, 5 Toronto, 6 BC, 7 Montreal and 8 Edmonton.

...that looks about the way it would shape-up ...Lets hope a dispersal draft dosen.t have to take place...But I think the league may have to resort to it....given no other option for this year...Keep in mind there are more than 8 players ...and there would be a second go round....I don't know how that works...if the order is reversed or what...does anyone else know... :roll:

the team will not fold, but will likly supend, and I think most buyers want it to, so that way they can start over clean cut.

he hopping the the BBs get Joseph! and that Ottawa gets back on it's feet next season.

KK, chances are Winnipeg would indeed get Kerry Joseph, because they'd get the second pick, and Hamilton seems satisfied with what they got at QB.

Hamilton would most likely go for Jason Armstead or Korey Banks.

I can't think of many guys in Ottawa who could be starters elsewhere. People would mostly grab Renegades to be backups.

Possible starters IMHO, could be:

  • Kerry Joseph
  • Jason Armstead
  • Yo Murphy
  • Pat Woodcock
  • Kyries Hebert (if he can come back to Canada)
  • Korey Banks
  • Kai Ellis
  • Anthony Collier
  • Jerome Haywood
  • Pat Flemming

I’d see the Alouettes get Collier or Ellis…

Well for my money Korey Banks would be the first one I'd grab if given the chance.......

It all depends what your team needs and when you get to pick.

Winnipeg need a QB more than they need a DB, although they also need a DB and plenty of other guys.

I'd expect something like that:

  1. WPG - Kerry Joseph
  2. HML - Korey Banks
  3. SSK - Jason Armstead
  4. CGY - Kai Ellis
  5. TOR - Yo Murphy
  6. BC - Pat Flemming
  7. MTL - Anthony Collier
    8 ) EDM - Kyries Hebert

bombers should go for banks great defencive player

I can't believe that you guys are even talking about this. There has been no indication that the team will fold yet. Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch.... If the CFL doesn't prop up the team this year then it sets up a vicious double standard (see Hamilton and Toronto at the same time in 2003). They're willing to support 2 teams, but not 1?? Ottawa financially supported both Toronto and Hamilton during their hardship, the CFL should do the same for Ottawa. If not, I will have lost all respect for the CFL as a professional league.

Yes, we talk about that, as death is part of the life cycle.

Hamilton, when in deep misery, still drew more fans to the games than Ottawa did when it looked good. There was a market to save in Hamilton. People in Ottawa have not demonstrate the same interest.

Uhhh... Hamilton was averaging 13,000 per game, Ottawa is averaging just under 19,000 that's a drastic difference.

Uhm .. Sorry - but this is the second time this city has been in this situation. There is no comparisson ... No other city has had this poor of a record with ownership, fans, and on field ... none.

get rid of the team .. i could care less now. at least this forum will have something other to speak about than the one team that simply cant populate its stadium ... christ - more than half the fans on here that whine and complain don't even own season tickets ... if you don't own season tickets - you don't have the right to complain ... I dont care what the excuse is - tickets are dirt cheap.

With all this news of the team potentially moving, or folding, or whatever .. you'd think the retards in Ottawa would take this as a sign to show the team some love and buy season tickets ... instead - they are sitting on their hands, watching this unfold, while doing absolutely nothing ... and then they are shocked and bewildered why the team has folded again ...

BUY TICKETS you idiots!!!


...I don't think the Bombers will be going for Joseph....just a hunch...Third didn't put a guy on the list that I could see the Bombers going for...and that would be a young ni o lineman by the name of Khan...This guy is a starter on anyones club...and he is Canadian.....It's too bad we have to have this discussion at all...but smyth-cam...we have to be prepared in case this dispersal takes can't bury your head...and at the last minute say/......heh...there's a dispersal draft...what should we do.... :roll:

I'm afriad that you're misinformed. The Ottawa ticketing office stopped selling tickets after their 2 for 1 deal on December 10th, and as of right now, there is a ticket freeze because of the situation. No one can buy tickets right now. So, I think that you can apologize to the people of Ottawa for calling them retards, when in fact, they can't buy tickets.

If the Bombers do take Khan, then the Ti-Cats take Banks, the Riders take Joseph, do the Stamps take Armstead or Ellis?


I do apologize to all the retards in Ottawa ... I didn't realize that there was a ticket freeze - because ALL OF YOU WERE TOO STUPID TO BUY THE TICKETS WHEN YOU STILL HAD A WILLING OWNER!!!



You're right, the ownership has been poor in Ottawa for who knows how long. Longer than I've been alive I'm sure. The same with the onfield product. Miserable. However, the fan base has always been there. Ottawa averaged just under 19,000. That's pretty good considering that the Glieberman's owned the team, and that the team was quite bad. Let's not forget that the Grey Cup sold out in 2004 despite the outrageous costs. In fact, I believe that the last time the Grey Cup wasn't sold out was in Winnipeg... :?

Hard to tell... the Stamps have many good receivers already. But its hard to pass on Armstead. Maybe they take him and bait some other needing team into a trade.

That could be an option. But if they did take him and kept him they would have one heck of a receiving core for Burris to throw to.

Tickets could be bought on the street for 40$. It was sold out because 18 000 Roughrider fans bought their ticket in advance, as usual, and then wanted to get rid of them, as usual…