Ottawa Dispersal Draft

Howdy Gang. Long time reader, first time poster.
anyways it seems like the Cat's chances fo playoffs this year are slim to none. Lets face it we arent that good. Aside from that, the Ottawa Renegades are coming back either this coming season or the next, i cannot remember and its bothering me. Anywho, how does the dispersal draft work? I understand the picking and draft stuff, but how many players are protected? are there a certain amount of Canadians/americans available to be protected? Personally id let Printers go and keep Mr.Williams. Id like to see who would keep who and who should go. Lets hear it Folks.

get rid of our snapper!

i think you get to keep most of the starters and a few back-ups

Now there's a great idea. :roll: Robichaud is the best long snapper in the CFL. One bad snap and it's run the guy outta town. Typical dumb Tiger-Cat fan!!!

Dispersal Draft ???
Dispersal Draft ???
The need a Place to play 1st
The Way the Ottawa Politicians are Moving
They’ll be no Team

Ottawa is Worst Sports Town in Canada.
They Lost there football Team 2 Twice…
If Hockey Team Starts Fall Part they be gone too.

Move that Team to Quebec city
where they want Football
Football in Quebec is thriving


Ottawa is a terrible sports town. I don't know why the CFL has such a hard-on for putting another team in Ottawa. Why don't they just go and put another team in Memphis?!?

You need blue collar towns like...

  • Quebec: That would be the 1st place I went to.
  • Windsor: Don't laugh... it would be a GREAT market.
  • Halifax: Not totally sold that it would work there... but it's a lot better than Ottawa.

The ownership in Ottawa has been the plague for that franchise.

The fans there have endured decades of bullsh*t from some of the worst owners in CFL history. They have been incompetent and have bailed ont their teams at the first opportunity.

The league also owns part of the responsibility for letting this happen as they allowed these idiots to purchase the team.

The new group of owners are solid local people who have been very successful in local business and in sports (Ottawa 67's).

I believe that with stable and smart ownership that Ottawa will return to better days that they haven't seen for decades.

You can't blame the fans there for what has been going on for so long.

But it wasn't for lack of fan support!
Ottawa never had a crowd of less than 19,000
Hamilton less than 18,000 past two home
No you don't need blue collar towns need towns where the people have a lot of money.

Ottawa - highest incomes per capita in Canada
1 Million people. A loyal season ticket base!
Owners that are willing to put money where their mouths are - willing to pay the 4 million entry fee and willingt to lose money for a few years.
Ottawa has a decent stadium, they just need to replace the lower deck south side.

Halifax/Moncton/Quebec has nothing to offer!
No stadiums, these cities will never build a stadium and forget any type of owner ship group coming in.
No potential owners - no owners on the horizon anywhere.
No loyal fans
Much smaller populations, with much lower income levels.

So why don't you guys just start thinking for a change !!!

Ummmmmmm..... dispersal draft? What team is folding? I hope it ain't us but who knows?

Perhaps we could be more positive and consider the effects of an Ottawa EXPANSION draft. :slight_smile:

YOu base this on what onKnight? They lost the team twice because the CFL was foolish enough to award a franchise to an owner who walked out on the team the first time. He did the same thing the second time. Quebec City wants football? It's thriving? Yes the QUebec...ummm....what is the name of their football team? As far as the Sens, they're not going anywhere. Ottawa is hockey crazy and loves that team. Obviously your rant is based on cluelessness. Speaking of football thriving and great sports cities...the empty bleachers looked smashing on tv for the hall of fame game! :lol: :lol: :lol:

To go back to answering the original question...

There's no way Ottawa will be back in 2009 because the whole thing requires building at least a portion of a stadium. There won't be time. IF they return, it won't be until 2010 at the earliest and it's still not guaranteed.

As far as the rules for the expansion draft go, they have not been announced. I believe they'll be similar to what the Renegades had to work with but with a better opportunity of obtaining a QB of higher caliber than Dan Crowley.