Ottawa Debacle

Right on TCanuck. It could be done in Quebec City. And it would be a success.

Right on TCanuck. It could be done in Quebec City. And it would be a success.

I've heard, just heard mind you, that people in Quebec City are probably too cheap to fork over the bucks for CFL games. Remember, it ain't no Montreal where the population is much more and more money floating around. A small stadium means higher ticket prices. I don't see it working in Quebec therefore.

IMO the CFL is doing little to make any gains to improve the league and create/spread more passion for Canadian professional football across Canada.
I SECOND this sentiment ...

The CFL is a Great Canadian Institution and DESERVES better than to be an 8 Team Rinky Dink Collaboration.

I'm willing to WAIT and SEE what the New Commish will do ... but not INDEFINITELY ... it is HIGH time this League gets its act together ...

If European Football (aka Soccer) can find its niche in this Country ... then what the heck is this Leagues PROBLEM !!??


You have to take all things into consideration. First off, stadiums of CFL calibre don't exist in this country other than the 8, 9 if you include Ottawa, that fit into a CFL business model. 8 teams is not rinky dink just like 6 teams wasn't in the old NHL, and don't tell me that was different times, I don't see them taking away any teams who won the SC from the trophy because they won it in a 6 team league.
Also, we are sitting beside a giant here in the US, maybe the largest media type country in the world.
The CFL has a nice niche in this small country of ours, population wise, and is looking to build on this. Yes, maybe the CFL is a bit of a victim of it's own success when back in the 50's, 60's, 70's, the league wanted to have all big stadiums and forget the 12,000 seaters so they never went to that model. But, maybe best it didn't go to that model to be honest. Will mean tougher to get other cities in but 2 more as a goal over the next 10 years should be fine to aspire to.

There is most certainly enough fan support in Quebec City. No question. Two expansion teams at once would be nice as it would make the sched better and yes the Quebec rivalry would be huge. I would think it probably would not be too hard to find an owner (such as that quy that owns the Hockey Team in Quebec and funds the U of Laval team)

The stadium is big problem. The most likely solution would be to find a way to get Quebec to host the something or other games which would provide some federal and provincial cash. The problem with stadiums is that they don't really make money so outside of cities building them from the "civic pride fund" no one else really will. :cry: