Ottawa Debacle

Without much real information its hard to get a read of what happened. But what say you?

how can u pick 2 of those options...cuz i think it was a combination of 2 & 3.

The Mayor may have wanted to unload too much of the cost
of maintaining, upgrading and operating the whole complex
around Frank Clair Stadium on Palmer's CFL football group.

As I said in another thread.

As I said in another thread.

Use any combination you like. At this point anything is fair game maybe even the Ron Lancaster Conspiracy.

It's definitely "other".

And not all the news is bad - from an Ottawa football fan's perspective. More than that I'm not allowed to say at this time.

(This job sometimes leaves me feeling like some back-bench politician.)

;-) ;-)

I'm guessing either another group or a new stadium.

I don't know but you have to think that Ottawa would be very jealous of having an inferior stadium for football, soccer games especially if the city of Winnipeg goes ahead with a new facility. It is our nation's capital afterall,they wanted that NHL team bad and got an arena built, you don't think they don't want Grey Cups there every so often to showcase the city nationwide at Grey Cup time? I would think so at any rate.

I just soon forget Ottawa..
Work on getting team In Halifax or Quebec City.
for the 100 Grey Cup..

That's one opinion - I'll vote for the BOGutless - trying to gouge 6 million bucks or whatever it is, for an Ottawa franchise (a team with a history as a big part of the storied CFL) is downright greedy, myopic and criminal IMO. Get a team back there ASAP (and screw merging with NFL-Europe) please and charge them ZERO in a fee (their old team was murdered and raped by the BOG and they belong in the CFL and it makes for a much better CFL with more teams); but DO try and make sure there is a well financed and smart football owner/ management team in place - maybe have them post some several million bucks as a bond of some sort to ensure the team gets bank-rolled if the owner decides to pack it in - and BTW - do any other CFL teams now have such an emergency plan fund if any of the current owners decide to call it quits? The CFL is WAY better off as a 9 team league with the prospect of expanding to 10 teams sooner than later; others may be good with the 8 team league and it's boring, repetive schedule and maybe the BOG don't want to share the few extra bucks in league revenue now and are good with the lack of progress and retreating in to the 8 team shell we see now. CFL myopia continues to hurt this grand old league IMHO.

Passionate response, TCancuk.

All I can say is that I hope the league sorts this out sooner rather than later. Not having a CFL team in Canada's capital is worse, in my opinion, than the NFL not having a team in the US' second largest city.

It's already "later" Mike; really sad and the CFL continues to sport a black eye on this IMO. We'll see if the new commish has any real vision for the CFL and any real powers to do anything about it.

That is ridiculous!!!

If you can't make it happen in Ottawa there is no hope for Halifax or Quebec. Ottawa has a great stadium, 1 million people, highest income in the country, a huge high tech community with lost of dollars for corporate sponsorship.

Halifax is a small city with very little support for football and no corporate sponsors. They may have had a chance with the Commonwealth games coming to town and the possiblity of a new stadium.

Quebec doesn't have a stadium and no prospect for one.

I think the CFL is content with the 8 teams and the revenues split amongst the eight.

Correction - Quebec DOES have a stadium - Peps - where the U of Laval packs in close to 20K for CIS games; i really don't know if it's that feasable to expand that venue, but from looking at pictures of it, seems to me there's room for some sort of new bleachers set-up on one side that could expand capacity to well over 20K (i.e. more than the Als get now with McGill).

The CFL should have been all over looking into a possible fit for a CFL team there as soon as they saw the passion for football there - maybe somebody from the CFL did and if they tried hard and it didn't seem like any owners for a franchise nor expanding Peps were possible, well at least they tried - i seriously doubt one iota of effort was put forth in that department from the myopics on the BOG.
Agreed - IMO - these fools are probably content with contracting to their little 8 team fiefdom league and not having to share their revenues to other potential partners. Really freakin' sad if that is the case.

This is where Bob shows us HE is actually not the Caretaker...but a REAL owner.

Omigosh!!!! :roll:

Sorry own this team, not us. Which is why all of the back-room stuff that you take part in should stay that way...back-room.

As a fan, I just need to know that you will try to make MY Hamilton Tiger Cats the best that they can be each year.

The CFL needs more teams. The fans want more teams. The fans want more Canadian boys to cheer for. There's a lot of talent in Canada with no place to play. CFL needs a team back in Ottawa and expand in to the East (Nova Scotia?).

Other: The Palmer group

And TCanuck has it right.

Ottawa needs a well financed ownership group
or a wealthy owner who knows that he has to
hire a sharp management team and the league
should be watchful that that is being done

The league should get them to put
$3 million bucks in a trust account

to bank-roll the team if the owners
pack it in before or during a season.

IMO, the B of G were very watchful of the Palmer Group
and they could see that they were falling short
on some of these criteria, especially the money
and that is why they are not in the picture today.

Hopefully a buyer or buyers will come along
who stand out from those they've had before
so Ottawa is on the field by the 2008 season.

Peps Stadium only seats about 10500. With some temp seats it can be expanded to about 14000 or so. The 18-20K numbers that they get for some games (its not all games by the way) are achieved by stuffing people in, standing on the track around the field and a few other places. It can not hold 20k for a professional event. It is also harder to expand since the seats go most of the way around. Realistically, it would be easier to tear-down and rebuild than expand. THe stadium is far from professional grade.

Have a look:


Maybe so, but McGill Stadium was hardly "professional grade" - run down - and might hardly be considered real professional now and certainly not some state of the art facility - yet the Als were forced to go there and the fans of Montreal embraced CFL football there and it's SRO all the time. They might have just folded the Als instead - threw their hands up and said we have no great place to play, but instead CFL football is enjoyed by 20K plus crowds (I know the Als would love way more seats though) - Montreal fans have CFL football and the CFL is WAY better off with a team there.

Myopics will always find some reason to say conditions aren't perfect or even one condition (lack of a stadium or owner are pretty good reasons) for preventing a CFL team from flying in another location. I look at it much differently - there is obviously passion for football in Quebec, they have a stadium that might be feasable to renovate/up-grade fairly inexpensively and could hold 20K plus for a CFL game (if U of Laval can do it, no reason a CFL team couldn't - who cares if it's not professional grade), and most importantly in my books - the CFL is WAYYYY better off with another team (Ottawa + Quebec = 10 team league- way more interesting, balanced schedule) - and a new team in Quebec sends a huge breath of fresh air into the CFL balloon which should be sailing higher instead of flying lower (killing Ottawa, boring redundant sched.); instant great rivalry between Montreal and Quebec City. SO - somebody from the CFL should have been beating the bushes big time to see if they could make a CFL team fly in Q-City - talk to people from the U of Laval, local & provincial politicians, local entrepeneurs, etc. - maybe they did, I really doubt it though - and maybe a CFL team could have been going in Quebec City by now and the CFL doing well at Peps Stadium may have provided some impetus to build a brand new nice facility there. A no pain/no gain type of thing and IMO the CFL is doing little to make any gains to improve the league and create/spread more passion for Canadian professional football across Canada.