Ottawa coaching staff

Yes, it's still early to be talking about specifics, but we Ottawa fans haven't had the chance to talk about coaching staff in quite a while, so here it is, for $hits and giggles...

Who would you like to see prowling the Ottawa sidelines as head coach?

I'm going to go completely off the wall here, and say Jock Climie. He's an Ottawa native (not that that should matter, but hey, in the spirit of local ownership...), played 4 seasons as an Ottawa Rough Rider, he's clearly intelligent, knows the game, and I think he'd be a great ambassador for the team.

Who else can you think of?

Wow! You are getting ahead of yourself, dontcha think?

I'll play: new expansion rule says that we get back everyone who ever played, coached or managed for the Gades. That would net us KJ, DJ Flick, Jason Armstead, Kent Austin, Eric Tillman, just to name a few...

Winnipeg's Greg Marshall.


Anyone who's name doesn't start and/or end with "pao".

I was also very into the idea that Rambo would be the GM if Palmer had the team. I thought he did a great job during his first go 'round of dumping big dollar guys. They seemed like bad moves as he made them, I recall, but I also recall looking back and seeing that he was right all along.

why does the coaching staff have to all have ottawa ties?
start at the top.dan rambo should and will be the new g.m.
he'll find someone to fill in the player personnel
i think greg marshall should be the coach-he's deserving and long overdue.
he'll probably bring with him dline coach richard harris from the peg, they were together with the gades.
i think kavis reed is the only guy out there who is not a dc who should be one again.he will double as the dbs coach as well.
as for offense-i would really have to seriously consider carl coulter for the oline coach
i have not found a oc yet.
receivers coach, who else but duke ellingson.

that's my coaching staff.

            city legend

Marshall is the guy. And anyone except Poapoa and Barret.

Legend, you question why the coaches have to have Ottawa ties, but I believe all the ones you listed do?

Honestly, I think it's a good idea if only for marketability. Marshall and Rambo would bring instant recognition and credibility among older fans. I wouldn't hire someone JUST because they're an easy sell, but with these guys I feel it's just an added bonus.

I couldn't recall Harris' name earlier, but I'd love for him to return. Met him once and the dude's fantastic.

George Cortez was a candidate when the Renegades were born. If he were still available to run the offense I'd be all over that.

I think starting a new team from scratch you really need an experienced CFL head coach if one is available.
With that in mind I would recommend hiring Dave Ritchie to run the football side of things for the first 2 or 3 years. Have the understanding that he would have an assistant head coach, who would also be one of the co-ordinators (Greg Marshall or George Cortez)? and they would take over the head job at the end of Dave Ritchie's 2 or 3 year term.
I know Dave is closing in on seventy but his experience of being a successful head coach in this league would be invaluable IMO. He would know how to put a CFL team together and get the most out of a team.

That brings us to the team. What players will the other eight team make available?
I like the idea Brendan Taman of Winnipeg mentioned last time. That was to let the new team have more imports to start and then scale down over a 2 or 3 years. Maybe have to start 3 Canadians the first year, 5 the next and then 7 their third year. This would give Ottawa time to draft and develop players good enough to start in this league. That would mean dropping two imports every year until the third year, but that's not a problem as all the teams have larger turnovers then that every year.
I guess the CFLPA would have to buy into this idea so maybe it wouldn't fly, but it would help a new team be more competetive to start.

Looking at the present rosters and assuming most of the eight teams have their top eight Canadians signed and assuming they will be allowed to protect eight players...the type of player available would be from Van: DE Foley or FB Bwenge
from Edm: WR Nowacki or OG Fiaconni
from Cal: DE Robede or P Dales
from Sask: OG Parenteau or S Gordon
From Winn: OG Greene or OT O'Meara
from Ham: OG Cheron or S Beveridge
from Tor: OC-G Keeping or LB Fontaine
from Mon: OT Fritz or FB Vilimek

Not exactly all Canadian calibre. Tough to get seven top starters and have backups good enough to step in and play. This would be if a team was starting up next year, but the word is that it will be 2009. So the players available would change somewhat but it gives us an idea of the calibre of player that would be available if the new team has to stick with the present roster of 20 Canadians, 19 imports and three QB's.
They would not be able to compete for several years IMO unless more starters are made available or they are allowed to start more imports for a few years.

Ottawa was lucky the first time because there was some good Canadian free agents available and Kerry Joseph dropped in their lap.
Most of the good starting Canadians in the league have been signed to contract extentions this year so there won't be many of those guys available this time around.
Hopefully the B of G and Mark Cohon will make sure the new team has a chance to compete in its first year.

Fat chance that will happen.