Ottawa Citizen story - tearing down Frank Clair

I just hope this never happens. I know that Adami has never had anything good to say about CFL football.
Frank Clair stadium needs to be kept as is:

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Maybe the only way Ottawa gets a CFL team again, might be the best thing to happen even if we see some great history get demolished. Hey, the Leafs are still going strong without The Gardens. :wink:

Adami's daydreaming. Granted it's been a while since I've been downt here, but I don't believe they have the space to both expand the baseball stadium AND have adequate parking, etc.

If they want to build a new stadium, that's one thing. I don't know where they'd do it, but I don't believe they could do it where he suggests.

I can't see it happening. If they do tear down Frank Clair and sell the land for condos I doubt the taxpayers in Ottawa would want to see the money going towards an expanded Lynx stadium.
I would prefer to see Lynx stadium torn down and the land there developed. But its beside the highway and parkway so I don't think anyone would want to build condos there.
Frank Clair is central - you can park in the Glebe and walk to the game or get public transit. I used to love to get to the area early, find street parking in the Glebe, go to dinner and drinks and then head over to the game. Landsdowne had atmoshpere.
At Lynx stadium you don't have a choice you have to park in one of the parking lots at the stadium and no restaurants in the area.

Yeah, 'cuz that's what the city needs more of - condos! Adami is an idiot. Turning "a large part of it into condominium residences," he says, "would undoubtedly make Lansdowne one of the poshest addresses in Ottawa." Um, sure, which would be great for the few people that get to live there. Meanwhile, you'd be taking the park away from the rest of the million people who live in and around the city. Great idea, ya moron!

If the City of Ottawa goes for this, it'll be a real travesty. Not only will they be taking the park away from the people of Ottawa, they'll be tearing down an historic link to the city's past. A link which still happens to be one of the best outdoor stadiums in the country.

Boo to condos!

Well said I'm with you on this one. The city should be using Landsdowne more - look at the crowds that showed up for the FIFAU20, every game was a sellout.
On the Friday night there were 54,000 at Frank Clair.

They should be holding "Blues Fest" there too, plenty of room for the different stages and the big acts could play at Frank Clair.

Ravenwood, mnnnn Jericho fan? anyway Mikem makes good points as do you. I think they could sever the land around FCS and put in a very profitable theme park for all ages. FCS needs to be redone ie complete face lift and compacted, as for the parking, holy cow, walk transit. Ottawa is a beautiful city to walk, through and if you are taking in the game and drinking then all the better for OTC. We all need to leave cars at home and use what is available to us. The bus goes by there constantly as does cabs.

Here is the thing, Lansdowne as is has failed.
it's not just the stadium but the stadium is a factor in the deal.

a new stadium possibly in a different location my indeed be best if Ottawa wants to have a CFL team for the 2009 or 2010 season.
If Ottawa doesn't do something well tough because the CFL will go to QBC and atlantic canada then. Atleast politicians there talk about trying to get a CFL team.