Ottawa Citizen Report

If anyone has time read the Citizen report it was posted yesterday its really good talks the highs and lows of Td Place.

This must be it.

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Went o my first 67s game on Friday. Had a nice meal at Jack Astor's beforehand. We hopped in the car, were not charged for underground parking, got out no problem.

Those that still complain about the trees that were cut down or about the "mall" are welcomed to do so. Will a project of that scale be perfect right away? Of course not. But even keeping sports out of it, it has already hosted several festivals and AC/DC could not have played in Ottawa without that place, probably. It is an undeniable success.

It's a pretty typical article from The Citizen, which seems (to me at least) to try and put a negative spin on all things Lansdowne. The article just gives a voice to the same whiners who sh*t on the redevelopment proposal in the first place.
I know it's not perfect and there will be some teething issues to work out, but I think that's to be expected. Some of the restaurants may not last, but given time, I think the place will be just fine.
Aside from all the football games, I attended some Folk fest stuff, a beer festival thingy, eaten at some of the restaurants and seen many movies at the theatre. It's a great place, and a success in my mind (from a patron's perspective, that is).

An eyesore turned into a community gathering place, and still, people complain.
Complained before, during and after.
People who hate it should move away.

It could have been "better". there are two major problems with the mentality of those who say that though.

a) They assume that everyone agrees with their version of "better". I guarantee that those that feel that "better" means "without a stadium" would get an argument.

b) There is no cost to "better". The same people who complained about the price tag on Lansdowne seem to assume that their version would come at no cost, or that the federal government is dying to pay for it.

Nitpicking the lack of events in the Aberdeen or Horticulture buildings is a little selective. It's like saying a hotel is a failure if it's at only 70% capacity. They've had yoga, pottery, beer festival and the football pre-game parties are held there. They're not exactly gathering dust.

Aside from the variety of events there, the place has created something like 2000 jobs. Most fancy gardens don't have quite that type of impact, either.

I don't know why people can't give it a few years to grow into its own?
One of the article's knocks, is that the parking garage USED to be confusing and has since been fixed. Well, then why wouldn't all other 'problems' also be 'Fixed' or improved over time? Also, if the problem has been rectified, why is it still listed as a problem at all?

Having visited Winnipeg in 2013, one of my favourite parts of he city was the gathering spot, 'the Forks'. Ottawa's New Lansdowne certainly has the potential to become everything the forks is. And even the forks could use improving. Why ever stop improving?

The people i laugh at is those say it will de value our home values well the last report had houses in the area up 10% up in home values and now people who were looking selling are holding off as they say values are likely to increase by 13% in 2016.

They so badly want to justify their previous opinion that it would bomb...

A lot of people opposed to it predicted the team would be gone after two years, tops, and that OSEG would have basically ended up using a football team as a toll to steal public land for stores. Ask anyone about the team now and it becomes "well, just wait until they lose for a few years". They just can't admit that overall, it's already a success and will only improve with experience.

Saw one listing on Holmwood recently that said "close to almost every amenity possible!" Yeah, no kidding.

Hopefully it was by one of the NIMBYs bailing.

And truthfully, when you come from the northside of Bank street, that condo on Holmwood makes the spot look even better. People used to say that it would be out of place because there's no other building like it nearby. Totally false, the senior residence on the opposite corner is almost identical height and it looked pretty lonely there. Coming up Bank it looks much better now.

I was there for lunch on a non game day walked around and would stood out to me was the taller condo not because it looks out of place it adds to the whole complex.

Still remember the Gliebites all corded on the sidewalk taking pictures of our buses heading to the stadium and hurling insults. Its a miracle they managed to build the place.

If I know which spot you're referring to, they've stopped running busses down that road now. :roll:

Thoughts on the latest flats proposal which includes a new arena for the Sens…?

I hope that Melnyk sells the team. best thing that could happen for the Sens franchise and the fans.

Other than that as long as either project is about Ottawa and not a sports team and also not a burdan on tax payers im good with either.

Great to see them develop that area, it's a waste land in the middle of the city. Looks like it's going next to the War Museum and close to where they have the Blues Fest. Also it will be nice to see bars and restaurants actually on the Ottawa River.
I think the city was looking at a business case that would see them building an arena with the private sector and then they would make enough money to pay for it. A 20k seat downtown arena would not only get the 40 or so hockey games but there is all of them concerts that are too big for the 10k TD Place arena.
I thought that Melnyk had talked about selling off the CTC and it would be turned into a mall.
Twenty five years ago the city had no interest in an NHL arena and it was the private sector that did all the funding, the provincial government even charged the Senators for building an off ramp from the 417.

Another big Ottawa development in the works:

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It's like Ottawa actually wants to be a city! Soon we'll be too big for the CFL and waiting for an NFL franchise! :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of that is ambitious but one of the smaller ones is the probably the one I'd loo forward to most. The NAC is one ugly-ass building.

The National Arts Centre is having a massive renovation that will likely turn it into one of Canada's best looking arts buildings in the country.

Definately needs a huge makeover, same as the prison looking court house. NDHQ is another grim looking building.
But the new Convention Centre looks awesome and the Rideau Centre expansion is going to look good.

Dnd is moving to the former Nortel site and many think when all are moved the hq as it is now will be torn down.