Ottawa charter bus tour to future Argos game @Rogers Centre?

I don't work for a charter company, but wondering if there would be sufficient interest from Ottawa Rough Rider/Renegades fans. Maybe we could charter a bus and attend a future Argos game at Rogers Centre? Next Friday's Saskatchewan game would be fun but I think it's too short notice...maybe a Saturday 3:00pm game later this season??

Perhaps we could dust off our black & red Ottawa gear and get ourselves on TV during the telecast to help send a message to the league that we want our team back in Ottawa!!

Count me down for 1 ticket.

I might know some people interested in that. Pick a game and I'll run it by them.

Talk to Rob Richardson of the Argonauts groups sales department, he was awesome for opening day when I brought a group from Kingston.

Dmont, What was the number of your group? How expensive is it for a bus?

We had 14 people, but we didn't end up taking a charter, we drove. I'm not sure if the group sales department would arrange one for you, but it's probably worth asking.