Ottawa CFL team announcement soon: mayor

I can't see a cFL team coming here in a long time, because nobody here, especially the media even mentions it.

We do have Labatts here, but they would never on't try for a CFL team. Becuase they're all gung ho for the NFL.

So they don't want to help the CFL succeed anywhere in cAnada. Even in their own home town, despite the marketing advantage it would give them. Strange if you ask me.

Well the media, even the few media boys in London, would "benefit" from the NFL in Toronto, if that is what you're getting at, as they would have all-expenses trips to Toronto to watch the NFL and get schmoozed and be in NFL players locker rooms there etc. What do you expect out of media boys, of course they want the free-ride NFL stuff there in Toronto. Most media guys aren't exactly too concerned with helping out their city or whatever, it's a ME, ME, ME thing. And I suppose we are all like that to some extent really, eh?

But I can tell you one thing, if the NFL ever does come to Toronto and there isn't anything in it for the Argos or CFL, I personally won't spend a dime going to a game there. And you can quote me on that.

Ask 10 sports media people in Ontario if they would rather be schmoozed at the Grey Cup or at an NFL regular season game in Toronto or wherever and 9 out of the 10 will take the NFL game I'm sure. I think we underestimate the influece of media types like Paul Godfrey, remember he was high up in Sun Media and has a lot of influence over the people that work in the media. And this guy will not stop with his "NFL to Toronto" thing, from what I can see, and he has all or most of the media boys and girls hanging on his coat-tails for the ride and promises of big splashes etc. if they sing his tune. It's pathetic really but very, very visible. Not much you can do really except keep watching CFL and keep the numbers up.

Don't you like conspiracy theories though. :wink:

I can't even begin to comprehend how someone can come to this conclusion.

Why is it, then, that Ottawa teams have folded when others who have worse attendance figures do not? Why didn't Montreal fold when they were hauling in under 10,000 in the Big O?

So when Ottawa comes back, what will they be doing to ensure that it's franchise does not fold again? I mean if they come back and bomb again that will be it. They are practically on their 3rd stike.

I am all for another CFL team and Ottawa is as good a place as any but if they failed twice in ten years whose to say they will succeed this time around?

No one can guess the future Thryllin, just learn from the past and go from there. So your question basically is unaswerable, they might succeed, they might fail but my guess is that it will succeed this time as I'm sure a city like Ottawa, and the CFL with new leadership, will do everything they can this time to see to it that excellent ownership that is local will thrive.

Here's the latest on new ownership in Ottawa and it sounds good...

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Ottawa RedHawks

It might be answerable if we at least knew who the owners are expected to be.

I suspect the key is in income to be earned aside from the team itself. I don't know if it's an applicable example, but wasn't part of the reason that Eugene Melnyck (sp?) refused to take on the Renegades that he wasn't able to have better control of the stadium through which he could hold concerts and such?

If the team loses 2M but you make 3M from outside interests, then you're willing to swallow that. That kind of thing.

Minto Development is a huge land and property developer in the city. Landsdowne Park is prime real estate! And given Minto's success, they would do an awesome job. :cowboy:

Ottawa RedHawks!!!

Wake me up when the ink is dry, and Ottawa is on the SCHEDULE.

Sorry to sound pessmistic, but we've been down this road before.

As for the other expansion topics, did I ever mention Kanga's Action Point at all? :twisted: :twisted:

I remember when the Renegades had the good start a few years back, and they barely drew 20,000 fans.

I don't think Ottawa knows football. They barely knew hockey until the last few years when the Sens threatend to leave.

Too bad nobody in this country can build any kind of a decent stadium. Because anybody who could would automatically move ahead of Ottawa in the lineup for a CFL franchise.

Anyone who thinks poor ownership is nothing but a "convenient excuse" shouldn't be questioning anyone else's level of knowledge.

But since you seem to consider yourself so knowledgeable, why don't you answer my question?

Ah, Montreal did fold when they were drawing under 10,000. In fact they folded twice.

First as the Alouettes, and again as the Concorde.

FAct is Ottawa can't draw flies. I bet most of the people who showed up to Renegade games got tickets for next to nothing.

I'd love to see what their season ticket base was. Probably under 10,000.

I don't know what the problem is in Ottawa, but to me its not a football town.

The one big thing that nobody has mentioned even once in this thread is that we now have a working SMS model (at least I think it's working...) in place to put a cap on expenditures, or at least a rough estimate based on injuries.

We also have a much better TV deal that kicks in next year, so it's a much less slipppery slope for an owner to come in now in Ottawa.

Obviously there is still some sort of risk for an owner that he will lose money, but given the fact that we have a cap that will be enforced and better revenue coming in from the TV deal with TSN, teams don't have to rely soley on gate receipts.

You are right Dust. Football is a business and businesses prefer less risk to more. The risk is less even if it is still there.

However, having lived in the Ottawa area for 15 years (most of them without a football team though, between the Rough Riders and the Renegades and after the Renegades), that city has issues, in my humble view. I believe that a CFL team can make a go of it there, but ownership has to know and develop their business plan around certain fundamental uniqueness (e.g. largest employer by far - fed gov't - can't support with purchasing box seats or letting its employees accept tickets as gifts, etc.). It's a challenge.

Montreal had attendance under 10,000 as recently as 1996. I don’t recall them folding since.

Fact is, several teams have drawn worse than Ottawa. Most teams (can’t say all because we haven’t seen every team in this situation) have attendance that drops during losing streaks. Ottawa’s losing streak seems never-ending.

What a good owner does is what Bob Young did; find ways to draw crowds anyway so people at least feel they’re getting their money’s worth even when the on-field product blows. Whether it’s signing an exciting player or a promotion where funds go to a charity. Whatever works.

Ownership is so key, I can’t believe you’d dismiss the impact of having an incompent owner like it’s no big deal.

Yes get Ottawa back in. Then the CFL should try and get Las Vegas interested again. It happened once already, that city is dying for a pro sports franchise. I think out of all places in the states that that CFL could actually work would be there. Call em the Las Vegas Americans, put them in the west and change the import rule for them.

Uh, how abouts calling them the Las Vegas Posse? Maybe Anthony CAlvillo can be their QB? And they can play in 40 degree celsius heat in the summer in front of 10 people.

You see. The CFL has been there and done that. And they won't do it again.

Was the attendance really that bad?

The only team that had good attendance was Baltimore.

Yeah what was up with that?