Ottawa CFL team announcement soon: mayor

Sorry if this has been posted but I found this over on the cbc site recently.

Good news in my opinion, although im sure it won't be cheap to fix up Frank Clair.

Hmm, you'd think we'd hear something from the Commish direct about this... isn't he the one to approve owners and not the Ottawa Mayor?

Other articles have stated that the fix up would be in the 6-7M range. That would be to demolish the lower south side and rebuild it. Temporary seating would be put in in the meantime.

As far as Cohon goes, I saw something about how he's aware of this. I'll see if I can find the article.

That went well. It's from the Citizen.

"Mr. O'Brien said he has contacted the CFL about an expression of interest in Ottawa to bring a new team here."

So he's been involved, though it doesn't sound as though he had anything to do with finding the potential owners.

That same article also includes the part I was talking about in regards to stadium costs:

"The engineers estimate repairing the stands would cost at least $5 million and add eight years of safe use, while demolishing and rebuilding would cost $6.2 million and last 50 years."

Cohon's apparently giddy.

Without naming names, by a matter of elimination and previous involvement it would appear Jeff Hunt may be the sports guy and maybe, maybe Eugene Melnyk who wanted to operate the entire facility.
Let's hope so.

Does Melnyk have a real estate development background?

Great news, I would love to see a team back in Ottawa. Now start looking for someone to start a team up in Halifax and we might have a true East/West league again.

It sounds very encouraging! I just hope the stadium development deal can be done quickly so they can focus on building the franchise.

A strong owner, financially and connected to the community is a must.
I hope that is does not drag out like the Palmer group roller coaster fiasco.
As for Halifax, I think that is pie in the sky thinking and Quebec City appears more realistic, both with the Laval stadium expansion and recent owner possibility.

So I have to ask the question, did the mayor refuse to negotiate with Palmer because he already found "his guy"?


Interesting...Of course, that wasn't the company line at the time...They said then that they needed assurances from the league that they were serious about Palmer.

Gentlemen, I have to admit that I appreciate your enthusiasm. I've been bitten in the @rse a little to often to go all giddy yet, but I'm pleased to finally be hearing SOMETHING.

TBH, the developments in QC sounded more tangible and promising to me (people involved, plans, formal meetings seem more transparent). But seeing as Cohon is on record that things could be moving or not in the next while, its potentially a good sign for starved Ottawa football fans.

Too bad these perspective owners wouldn’t look somewhere else. Like Quebec or London or Halifax.

Becuase I just don’t think Ottawa is a football town. They’ve lost two teams. They couldn’t sellout a game for the Renegades. Even for their first game back in Ottawa there were thousands of empty seats.

These guys come to London or Quebec City and your gauaranteed big crowds and better support from the communities.

Ottawa has had their chance and blown it. Time for fresh ideas if you ask me.

berezin, the CFL model now seems to be local ownership, for good reason I think. Are there some London investors interested in bringing a team to London? If so, I'm sure the CFL would be happy to talk with them, like they are doing with some potential Quebec City people interested in a team.

Nah Earl. London is too small time in their thinking.

Most of the media types are big baseball fans, so they don't promte the cFL to London idea at all.

I mean theyd' rather bring some team here in the Hillbilly A baseball league then to try and get a cFL franchise.

Even though in London people could care less aobut baseball, while a CFL would do great here. Just like the Knihgts are doing in the JLC.

We have money here, but nobody is stepping up.
Then again we would support a team regardless who owns it and where they're from.

The Hunter boys who own the Knights aren't from this are, but the JLC still is sold out every game 9,000 strong wiht a waiting list for season tickets.

I think Ottawa blaming the ownership for their failures is just a convenient excuse.

Well, there's nothing wrong with baseball, I'm not a huge fan but for people that are, that's fine. But baseball, if it works at a fairly big pro level and it doesn't seem to in Canada very well outside of Toronto and Winnipeg, has the advantage of so many home games and therefore bringing people into the downtown core if the stadium is located there. But this isn't happening much. London should go after the World University Games or something similar where they would expand TD Waterhouse Stadium and then maybe someone might be interested in a team. But I doubt it as you say, London is close to Detroit for NFL games and Hamilton or Toronto for CFL games.

I think you're selling London short as a football town.

The Mustangs draw about 6,000 fans a game. We do support football.

And this Detroit thing is a mirage created by the media. There might be a few Tigers and Lions fans here, but we don't live and die with Detorit or Toronto teams. Outside of the Maple Leafs that is.

But the big mistake here was to build that stadium too small when they had the chance to go bigger.

Then again the people running city hall know squat about sports. They were even afraid that 9,000 seats would be too much for the JLC, beleive it or not?

And the CFL exhibition game here, despite being pooh poohed by the baseball fans in the media like DAve Langford, sold out.

London in my opinion is an untapped gold mine. We're closing in on 400,000 people, with about one million within a 45 minute drive.

But like I say. The thinking in this town is too small time. I wrote the mayor on this topic and she didn't even bother responding.
Then again she probably didn't even know what CFL stood for!

berezin, as you know I'm from London, born and raised there and stayed there until I was about 26. London is a city looking for an identity away from their identity as a sleepy southwestern Ontario town that is good for raising families but that's about it, no place to go to for tourism outside of slippery the seal! But now they at least moved out of a junior B type arena for the Knights into the nice JLC. And I think a lot of people in London like yourself see one more step to have fun and that would be the CFL. But I do think the baseball media folk and the Paul Godfrey's don't want the CFL to succeed at all because it intereferes with bringing Londoners, Hamiltonians etc. to Toronto to spend money to see the Blue Jays. I honestly think there is a direct push by the Toronto media to surpress the CFL in Toronto and Hamilton and not have any summer competition for the Blue Jays to be quite honest. Not much you can do about that except recognize it for what it is. Fortunately here in Hamilton we "rediscovered" the TiCats after a classy owner came in to resurrect the team and people realized that going to CFL games at Ivor Wynne is an excellent sports outing right in our home town where we can spend our dollars locally. I'm sure this is one reason why the Toronto media bash Bob Young so much, they see him as a competitor to their Blue Jays to a certain extent. Anyways, enough analysis, hopefully one day London will get a CFL team.