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CFL bidders promise 'world class' facility

Quality of Lansdowne proposal makes this
about more than football, businessmen say

Mohammed Adam, The Ottawa Citizen

Published: Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Representatives Roger Greenberg and Jeff Hunt
cast the owners' group as a new breed

that has too much of a stake in
the city to take it down the drain.

They say the difference between them and past owners
is that they are offering not just football, but

an entertainment experience that would be 2nd
to none and, critically, be self-sustaining.

At the heart of the plan, a modernized Frank Clair Stadium
will anchor a Lansdowne Park that will be transformed

into a major entertainment and retail complex complete with

hotel, aquarium, amphitheatre, sports fields and pond.

Side note...Don Matthews I believe was hired as an adviser to the Ottawa group. I would assume he gave that role up...or not?

Good question. You would think so.