Ottawa can still make the playoffs!!!!!

ottawa is currently 5-9.......saskatchewan is 7-6.

all ottawa has to do is TIE saskatchewan to STOP them from STEALING thier eastern playoff spot.

as u can see, sask has a tough schedule remaining....they need to win ATLEAST one to beat out ottawa.

Ottawa's schedule:

Hamliton ( win and now 6-9 )
Hamilton ( win and now 7-9 )
Montreal ( loss 7-10 )
Toronto ( loss 7-11 )
they will probably finish 7-11

Saskatchewan's schedule:

BC ( loss and 7-7 )
Montreal ( loss and 7-8 )
Edmonton ( loss 7-9 )
Calgary ( ??? 7-10 or 8-9)
BC ( loss 7-11 or 8-10)
will finish AT WORST, 7-11

worst case for sask, is they lose all of them, ending wtih a 7-11 record, which would TIE ottawa ( ottawa would make the playoffs )

it's all gonna come down to that saskatchewan vs Calgary game....if sask wins, then ottawa's done!...or if sask wins ANY of the games they have left.

dream on! :lol:

well then, where do u see saskatchwan picking up the win that would give them an 8-10 record ( at worst )???

against calgary, or someone else?

I hope your right drumming_god. I didn't realize Sask. had as tough a schedule remaining as they do.
It would be a travesty to have a west team play an Eastern Conference Playoff game. I say there should be collusion on the part of Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal to assure Ottawa makes the playoffs. Hey, why not, Hughie Campbell would do it.

Ottawa fans, you gotta believe!


While Saskatchewan has a tough schedule, Ottawa needs to pick it up starting next week with Hamilton.

If Ottawa loses next week…They are done!

exactly....they NEED the 2 against hamilton to have ANY CHANCE

well we all know saskatchewan is going to win at least one game so Ottawa is going to lose

Incase you didn’t notice, we just won 4 in a row beating Edmonton and smoking the Argos. Once the Riders get playing playoff type football, it is tough to stop them. What makes you think we will suddenly lose 5 straight? Ottawa is finished, plain and simple.

Ya, unfortuantely for the renegades, who've had it tough the last few years wont be making he playoffs this year. Hopefully they'll make some major changes with the coaching and some of the players, because i feel bad for them and their fans.

All i can say is ..Iam glad the Riders dont play hamilton anymore... Every team that has to play them, be afraid... be very afraid. lol
What we witnessed tonight was scary, A team with nothing to lose except there jobs.

its nice to dream about impossible things :smiley:

Too bad we have to worry about a team that's not even in our Eastern division.
Something is wrong with this picture.

too bad Ottawa couldn't win the games they're supposed to win ( 2 against winnipeg )....they'd be 7-7 with 2 games remaining against hamilton, and the crossover wouldn't be an issue!!!!