Ottawa @ Calgary

Let's hope this game is a little more entertaining.

Sparse crowd at McMahon so far

Nice fumble recovery by Randy Chevrier

Turnover on the return and Calgary gets great field position.

TD. 7-0 Calgary. If the Stamps win, I'll go 4-0 for the first time this season. :thup:

Great TD run by Bo Levi Straus Mitchell

And exactly how many are there at McMahon tonight Bungle.

Great catch by 82.

11 teen

Burris slips and Ottawa has to settle for a FG. :lol:

Note to Stamps: Matt Walter is not Jon Cornish

Lord. Official barely spit out that challenge call.

Why should there be a bigger penalty if you lose a DPI challenge?

Ya he totally butchered that call. :lol:

hate the penalty for making the flag gesture. Its foolish IMHO

Couple big plays and Calgary scores again.

Great catch by Joe Wild West to cap a quick strike Stampeder TD drive

Looks like Calgary's finally shaking off the Grey Cup hangover.

Calgary ball.

Macdonald should be cut. Well maybe not cut outright, but removed from returning kicks. No excuse for handling the ball like that

In his defense, the ball did take a weird bounce on him...