Well they're movin on up,
To the east side.
To a deluxe apartment in the sky.

Total Offence (YPG)
4. Ottawa REDBLACKS 373.1(we are 4)

2. Ottawa REDBLACKS 292.8 (we are numeral unno)
7. Ottawa REDBLACKS 80.3 (8th is us and 9th is Toronto)

Total Defence (YPG)
2. Ottawa REDBLACKS 322.8 (were are 4th)

3. Ottawa REDBLACKS 246.4 (we are 5th)
2. Ottawa REDBLACKS 76.4 (we're number 4)

all pointless of course because they haven't faced the Juggernaut that is the Hamilton Tiger-cats but it is good to see this team turn things around. I prefer stomping on good teams rather than the overrated teams **cough cough Arhols cough!

Bumcracks is actually better than Redblacks.

I don't get why they are simply not called the Lumberjacks, because that's what they symbolize.

Doesn't Ottawa Lumberjacks sound so much better?

somewhere close to the bottom…

I'm actually happy for the Redblacks and their fans. It's especially nice to see them winning at home where it will keep the fanbase engaged. We don't want to see Ottawa fold a 3rd time. I hope to see them finish 2nd in the east and win their home playoff game. Of course that's as far as they'll make it though. They have zero chance at THF in the Eastern Final game :wink:

Since they're a very young expansion team, I think this would be a fitting mascot:

The organization wanted to incorporate the letter " R " in the new team's nickname and logo in the Rough Rider, Renegade, tradition.
Former owner Horn Chen owns the Rough Rider name and would have sold it to the new ownership group for $100,000.00 but in the terms of their expansion agreement they agreed not to use the RoughRider name and leave it for Saskatchewan exclusively. And let's face it the Renegade name had very few positive connotations associated with it.
So after a "name the team contest " the ownership group came up with REDBLACKS. And as they say, " the rest is history". :smiley:

Yes the organization wanted to incorporate the letter "R" but they also had two other choices that would have fulfilled that requirement (Raftsmen and I think Rivermen - not 100% sure about the 2nd) both of which also fit in with the "lumberjack" theme, and either one of which would have been more imaginative than the names of two colours strung together. I know that they also wanted to the name to translate to French. There is a lumbering song called "Les Raftsmen" (written originally in French) so that name would also have fulfilled the "two language" requirement. Of course this is all water under the bridge now as the name was chosen long before a team was even assembled but REDBLACKS (they want to shout it too :roll: ) IMO was the weakest of their choices. :thdn:

OSEG ran a contest to name the team. Of course, I voted for “Rough Riders”, but then I submitted “The Rideaus” - after the River and Canal. It even translates into French with no spelling or pronunciation abominations.

I like the name Rideaus (or more properly in french Rideaux) but I don't remember hearing it before. My personal fav was Raftsmen, Both have the advantage of working in French for the benefit of the French fans

But then you could chirp them with "rideau-culous"!


I thought a good choice would have been the Ottawa Rapids.

Not bad.but wouldn't it be RAPIDS!!! You forgot to yell it!

Redblacks is a great name.

Rouge et Or
Vert et Or
All Blacks

All teams named after the colour they wear, none of which get the criticism Ottawa does.

Agreed. I hope the franchise is successful. I hope one day we have 10 or more teams in the CFL.

All of which have a longer history than the RBs do. In some cases, MUCH longer; and for one, a National identity. There were accusations of laziness on the part of OSEG, and "fixing" the ballot so that the only real "option" would be a fait acompli since the other options on the ballot were so awful.

You can add GeeGees to the list. The GG stands for Garnet and Gray. Also a Gee Gee is the first horse out of the gate in a horse race so it's a name with double meaning

I always wondered where the name came from and what it meant. thanks!

I always wondered where the name came from and what it meant. thanks!

redblacks isnt even a word! never mind a colour! :lol: