is it possible they could take over Toronto's role of our rival? i know im not bored with hating the Arhols and everything else Toronto but lets face it the Arhols are losing fans every year and the "hate" is not reciprocated (word of the day for me :wink:) it kinda feels like we're the clingy spouse hanging onto somethin thats pretty much been over.

what needs to happen to have the BUMCRACKS fill the rival role?

I just don't see it happening. Ottawa and Montreal have the historical rivalry (it's a contest to see who can lose and reboot their franchise the fastest/the most) and I think more likely if the Argos left, we'd be left in the cat fight rivalry with BC.

I think the Argos move into BMO, and make something of a recovery.

If the Argos go then yes we could have a true “battle of Ontario”

Time to start working on the rivalry - anyone travelling to Ottawa for the 31st of October game??

On the topic of a rivalry of reciprocity, I have to agree with the original poster.

Its fun to beat up on Toronto but as far as the people on the streets of the city of Toronto are concerned, Hamilton is an industrial suburb. The awareness of the existence of the Argos or Canadian football is next to none.

The opening night of the Maple Leafs was able to pack both Dundas Square and Maple Leaf Square with thousands upon thousands of adoring sheep while the Argos play in what is essentially an empty stadium.

Hopefully a move to BMO and new, capable ownership turn things around. As it stands, the Argos their rivalry with Hamilton are non-existent in the collective consciousness of Toronto.

Perhaps to rev up the rivalry Bob should buy an add on a downtown Toronto billboard like the gang green has been known to do. Something insipid would likely do the trick and bring out more blew team fans to the game.

Just a thought...

nah.. too far away lol

i think Torontonians already know they suck!

maybe we can steal Ottawa from Montreal? like Slim says the true battle for Ontario. granted we will have to see if the BUMCRACKS will stay in the league longer than 10 years.

Ott vs Ham next years Labour day game in the Hammer? just completely snub the Arhols altogether.

In seasons past, The Labour Day Classic was always followed up with an away game in Toronto the next weeked. Thanksgiving weekend was always an away game in Ottawa (I planned my wedding accordingly - no work that weekend and it was an away game.. lol). That is a tradition I would like to see return...

well played sir. well played.

i think slowly we can make the LDC work with Ottawa? maybe?

i agree. its kinda like how Torontonians all project rivals with say Montreal or Detroit or New York. those cities dont find Toronto relevant either

Planning to, but haven't booked anything on paper yet.

I'm assuming there won't be any fan bus/train? The team used to organize trains to Montreal in the late 90s. I'd love for them to start doing that again. The Als, or at least one of their fan clubs, seem to send a pretty decent organized contingent to Hamilton games, why can't we do the same?

BUMCRACK Camouflage Jersey

as I've stated before, all that the CFL needs to do is schedule secondary rivalries every thanksgiving.

If every year, Ottawa hosted the Tiger-Cats on Thanksgiving, it would become the second most important rivalry to both clubs. Thanksgiving is one of the better TV draws for the CFL, so this new rivalry would become embedded into many fans. Add to it a name like the "thanksgiving day CLASH" ( or something) and it becomes an instant 'must watch' on the calendar just as the LDC is.

The weekend should consist of;
Argonauts in Montreal
Saturday :
Eskimos in BC
Thanksgiving Monday :
Tiger-Cats in Ottawa
Stampeders in Saskatchewan

Do this EVERY year and the Hate will follow.

Maybe the Argos should run an ad at Maple Leafs Square, right after one of many Leafs losses. Something to the effect of "Tired of this feeling? Tired of never having tickets to see the event? Tired of never winning the cup? The Toronto Argonauts - At least we've won a cup this decade."

So Ottawa visits Hamilton for LDC and Hamilton travels to Ottawa for Turkey Day. I can dig it.


We had better not hope or wish the Argosnots to fail.
If they fail, we fail & then the leauge fails. May not be overnight but it would happen.
You can't remove the largest rivalry & expect things to stay intact in a small leauge like the CFL.
( whether we like it or not )


hi Catattack1

i dont think if we drop them as a rival they will fail and therefore the league. they're fans can pretend to be rivals with the Als just like the Leafs fans cling to a false rivalry with the Canadians.

us dropping the Arhols doesnt mean we would stop going to games in Toronto. so nothing changes really.

Regardless of how folks down the QEW feel about our beloved Ticats I don’t see how we could arbitrarily replace how we feel about their team with those same feelings for any other team. So long as there’s a team to hate on the other end of the Queen E that has to be our biggest rival and our Labour Day victim.

As for travelling to these road games, I’ll be loud and proud in S133 R29 tonight and Section T R16 on Halloween in our nation’s capital. In between it’s my usual seats in S115 R25 for another home victory. Hope you’re all there with me!

Oskee Wee Wee!!