My thought exactly.

I was at the game last night, and here is my take on what happened:

  • That may surprise you, but MartyMix and I, both Montreal fans, wished things would go wrong for Montreal in the first half. Our perspective: we wanted Ted White to screw big time, and Ell Robertson to get a good outing, so that it could affect the depth chart. And let me tell you something: TED WHITE IS A HUGE FAILURE! Those who said last year that he failed because the Eastern final was too much pressure should have seen this mess last night.

No pressure. Preseason. Ottawa team B on the field. Not even in a position battle. White threw two interception, fumbled once, was sacked and threw so many incomplete passes that we stoped counting them.

Get him outta there, pleaaaaaaaaase !

On the other hand, Wiser and Robertson were struggling too. Wiser also threw two picks. As for Robertson, I must say he wasn't given a fair chance. He was out on the field late in the fourth quarter with receivers who doesn't even have a chance at being on the roster (Maurice Brown? Adam Eckert?...) Most incomplete passes seemed to be the WRs fault. I hope that won't be Robertson last chance. At least, he demonstrated he could run, and run fast (whereas Wiser and White are stiffer than Calvillo).

Itty Bitty (Ezra Landry) looks in real good shape. Most returns were impressive. He should have a great season.

WE FINALLY HAVE A RUNNING GAME ! At last. We can't go wrong this year with our runnig game.

Jonas Lewis was impressive. Robert Edwards was impressive. Fred Talley was impressive... and we haven't seen Jenkins yet. It's sad to say, but MartyMix and I came to the conclusion that Eric Lapointe should be the one released.

Another great surprise: Philippe Gauthier.

The Alouettes third draft pick was simply amazing. He played one half, and recorded two sacks, one forced fumble, a few tackles and put a lot of pressure on Kerry Joseph. And Gauthier wasn't considered ready to play.

He really showed he can play CFL-level football. I think even the stubborn Don Matthews was thinking «Oh my! This guy's a warrior. I can't cut him yet.» Currently, Mike Botterril is the Als' first linebackers' back-up, but I thing Gauthier gave him a run for his money.

Let's do some maths: If they add Gauthier to the roster, they can release one non-import elsewhere... And that might allow us to keep all our impressive imports RBs.

A few words about Ottawa. Kerry Joseph and Josh Ranek look definately ready to play. They look hungry. The way Ranek bursted through people last night made me think "We should make sure this guy never wears Legion of Doom's kind of spiky shoulderpads because the game will turn into a slaughterhouse."

Yeah, I know, I think about weird stuff from time to time.

Is Quincy Coleman supposed to be a starter for the Gades? In the program, it says he is not. But he definately was ready to play. He was everywhere on the field. Message to Joe Paopao: Play this guy. He wants to ball bad!

Two Alouettes "no-names" opened my eyes. I loved the work done by DT John Nix. This guys seems to be a beast! He can take on two OL at once and push them back. He will be a good replacement when Philion retires (which should be after this season). Hope we keep him.

Also, I liked the performance of WR Javarus Dudley. I also like his weird name. lol. I haven't seen him much (he made like two catches and one kick return), but he's lightening fast.

Finally, we might be in trouble with our kicking game. Neither Duncan nor Duval gave solid performances. Let's see what they do next week.

In all, I don't mind at all that we lost. FOOTBALL IS BACK ! I love Molson-Percival. Can't wait for the next game.

Cheers to you all.

So the first two pre-season games were won by the teams that were the jokes of the league last year.

And isn’t it refreshing to see the Montreal fans becoming defensive for a change?

I wouldn’t expect the Renegades to beat Montreal in the regular season, but they’ve gotta be taking some positive things from that game. And as long as it strengthens the fans’ faith in the team, that’s all that really matters in a city that came so close to losing their franchise altogether. Am I wrong?

3rd that must have taken you forever to write... perfectly written... my thoughts exactly :smiley:
Like you said... Lapointe should be the odd man out cause we really have some great RBs!

Ohh and one more thing...
Translation: Maurice Brown sucks. Made Roberson look pretty bad.

Where did you see that? It seems to me we expressed how we totally enjoyed our evening. And we said good words about Ottawa.

Don’t try to ignite something BigDave. Last night was a great night to have a peak at our new guys and back-ups. We couldn’t care less about the score.

It's more about the rookies than the game. That's the point of pre-season.
You guys started talking about how hard it is to beat the Als in Montreal and how Ottawa won big time.

I was happy to see that the Gades looked pretty good. I like the gades... well I love the stadium in Ottawa is more like it :smiley:

Ohh and to add about White... he can through great... as long as it's under 15 yards.. further than that.. it's an interception GUARANTEED :smiley:

Take it easy, 3-10. No one’s igniting anything.

All I’m saying is that Montreal fans haven’t needed to defend their team in past seasons. Now they know what it’s like when people start writing off their team after one pre-season loss: a feeling I’m more than familiar with.

Now breathe deeply…

Mouhahahahahaha… Writing off the Als?.. Hehehehe… Funny one.

MONTREAL sold out again…well done fans.

You have to admit this is good for the situation in OTTAWA. :smiley:

Way to go Gades!!! Wish I could have been there. I fully expect The Don to play his top guys next week. Cavillo could be in for the whole game. The Don will want a win. Next week's rematch will be much more telling.

I disagree with you High Five. Not too many starters are expected to play next week. True, Calvillo might get more reps, but forget about him playing the whole game. Won't even be close to that. There are too many people still in the need to be evaluated.

I expect a lot of running plays because we have too many options at hand, and many kicking plays. Next week won't tell anything. The real teller will be on June 22 when Hamilton comes to Molson stadium for a meaningful game.

Just so you know Ottawa beat Montreal in the preseason last year and what happened later.
The third string QB played all of the second half along with a hole buch of guys whos names I never heard before.
I think the chearing is a bit premature

Of course it is premature, but it is good for the OTTAWA situation , don’t you think? :smiley:

Also , we come back to the importance of defence.

Ottawa sat out JOESHIP and RENIK for the first half.OTTAWA, were not using all 1st stringers, either…but did score 21 points in the 3rd.

OTTAWA also has a improved defence , now.

But Montreal does need a good back up Q.B. So mathews was smart letting him get experience.Maybe , he learned from what happened last year.

AS FOR …last season…well that is in the past , now. :wink:

I think Montreal will win the next pre season game , and then OTTAWA will beat EDMONTON , at home, when it counts.

You are playing the CATS in Montreal.HAMILTON , has a great coach who now has , 1 year of CFL experience and a much better team than last year.


With all the talented American running backs on the Als(Edwards, Taley, Lewis each averaged 9 yards last night) and with Michael Jenkins to come next week and almost guaranteed a spot) I agree with you Third and Ten, Lapointe should be the odd man out. But he is Canadian and a fan favorite and pretty good himself so I would be shocked to see him go. What a tough choice for Matthews and Popp. And you can bet that whichever running backs they cut will be grabbed up by another team.

Geese!!! Do you non-als fans realy think that any of us care that the Als lost ?

YUP ! :lol:

Geeeze hellothere
How many times in one week can you be wrong?????

lol… he’s competing with Jeremy !

Maybe , I just got confused by all those Montreal fans who love to write at this site ,[this thread and others]… excuses about why Montreal lost , yet again? :lol:

In the 2004 EASTERN FINAL and in this first pre season game. :wink:

If you DON’T care , then why are you whinning about it?

I was wrong about what? About your roof that doesn’t work?

That Montreal had the best defence in 2004 and lost the Eastern final to the ARGOS ,who went on to win the GREY CUP, against B.C,.? :lol:

Then , I love being wrong… :lol:

Montreal , has no good back up Q.B. , and they are getting old . OTTAWA and HAMILTON… are vastley improved…that is just my call…we will see who is right, soon enough. :wink:

And if you haven’t noticed , I am not the only person who thinks this way at this site.

you 2 don’t handle losing well…do you?.. :lol: